Jun 292017

Just wearing another wetsuit while cycling, since I can! Just hope the dry, warmer weather comes back soon…

Jun 282017

That was a very, very wet cycle! So glad, I was wearing a wetsuit! Maybe the longest wetsuit cycle of 2017, so far!

Jun 272017

I love going out cycling and taking my handcuffs with me! Being cuffed outdoors, is so MUCH fun!!

Pearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle team kit
adidas Team GB 2016 replica kit + handcuffs
adidas Team GB 2016 replica kit + handcuffs
adidas Team GB 2016 replica kit + handcuffs

Jun 222017

Back in Lycra with a little something else! Can you guess what?

Jun 062017

I love this story! Wish, I had a boyfriend that would do this to me… The idea of being edged, then locked in a chastity, with no idea when you will be let out, sounds so HOT!!

There were a number of small gifts from my boyfriend, but when I opened the athletic cup, I was a little confused. It seemed like an odd gift. He had smiled, and said it was for a “chastity game” he wanted to play with me.

That had been last Christmas, and I soon found out what he had meant. Occasionally, throughout the year, he would ask me to put on the cup, and the chastity rules would start. The rules were simple, I had to wear the athletic cup continuously until he gave me permission to stop. I could pull it down piss, and when I was taking a shower, but I was under no circumstances allowed to touch myself during those times, and I wasn’t allowed to remove the cup until he gave me permission.

Full story can be read at www.metalbondnyc.com/chastity-game/

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