Jul 232017

GOD I love cycling with Nick! Us both out in Lycra was so much fun! No idea, how I was not hard the whole cycle!!

The full set of these photos can be found @ www.gordon-valentine.com/2017/07/15/another-fun-cycle-with-nick/

Jul 102017

Only a short video of myself outdoors in Lycra and in chains! The full video can only be found in the Chastity Belt area of the website!

So please give a donation of £20 to see this video, plus many others likes it!

Jul 032017

In less than two weeks, Nick will be back! But doubt, we will have much time for doing photos. Since both off to Scotland to do Ben Nevis. But we’re hoping to get at least one cycle in! So that means, you will get to see us both in Lycra!!! 🙂

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