Oct 122017

People like seeing me wearing my UCI World Cup Team skinsuit, with these things! No idea why!!

  3 Responses to “Vlog: UCI World Cup Team skinsuit + something!”

  1. Firefox 56 Firefox 56 Windows 10 Windows 10

    Mmm nice one G, love that white skin-suit, looks nice and tight in all the right places. I wonder if i put my Orca on, would u put me in handcuffs, 🙂

  2. Firefox 56 Firefox 56 Windows 10 Windows 10

    Well if you need someone to handcuff you , I would love to help , hope you would return the favour.

  3. Google Chrome 62 Google Chrome 62 Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1

    I’d gladly assist in cuffing you with hands behind your back, and going for a walk!

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