Nov 302017

Wearing my Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit yet again! This time, with no wetsuit under it! I am still well pleased with it, just wish it was a bit tighter!

  3 Responses to “Vlog: In my Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit again!”

  1. Safari 10 Safari 10 iPad iOS 10.3.1 iPad iOS 10.3.1

    Thank you for wearing the suit with nothing under it. Looks awesome. When you going to cut you hair next? Be awesome to see you having it shaved to G1 or G0 in the morph suit!

    • Firefox 58 Firefox 58 Windows 7 Windows 7

      I’ve only not long ago had it cut! Was last cut on the 14th November 2017! So not due for another hair cut, till March/April time!

      • Safari 11 Safari 11 iPhone iOS 11.1.2 iPhone iOS 11.1.2

        Treat yourself to a special Christmas hair cut. Be awesome to see it happen, I would happily pay the cost of your cut as well.

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