Vlog: Wetsuit for Hawaiian themed night at work?

Since we’re doing a Hawaiian themed fancy dress for Children in Need this year on Friday 17 November, at work. The question is, should I wear a wetsuit??

4 Replies to “Vlog: Wetsuit for Hawaiian themed night at work?”

  1. Naturally! Surprised you need to ask us! I’d go with the Orca, that way and beer you spill will run off!

  2. Sure! You definitely should wear a wetsuit, but rather fullbody triathlon wetsuit (not O’neill or a shorty). It would be nice to see you in Orca Speedsuit again. This is a great opportunity for you to wear it in public without any strange gazes. Do not hesitate!

  3. late signing in here, but my vote, as well, would have been a resounding yes. I hope you got pictures.

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