Hello everyone!! Welcome to 2018!!!

Hey all! I know that 2018, started at whole 19 days ago!! This year is flying by already! Right on the reason that I am posting… I’ve made up my mind, that this year, I am going to spend a lot more time working on this website and trying to make it, the once great website that it was!!!

I’ve already made a great start! The Wetsuitlads exclusive has welcomed a new model also a current model come back to do more photos! We even got some new double photos!!

On the main website, the part that you are looking at now, I’ve been busy removing links that no longer work, cleaning it up so it looks a bit better!

Oh and Nick is due back at least 2 to 3 times this year!!!

NOW!!!!! I need your help!!! Please tell all your gear mates about this website!! Who knows, some may not heard of us yet!! Also please do try to comment on posts, photos etc! It helps me feel loved!! 🙂

4 Replies to “Hello everyone!! Welcome to 2018!!!”

  1. Fabulous! Looking forward to seeing more models, Nick especially and more gear! Keep it up G, love what you do immensely! x

  2. Hi G, great new pics, well worth the wait. Shame you didn’t get to try on the rubber strait jacket, but the might not have let you out! Do you know where they got it?

    Agree with BG about Nick, he’s a lovely lad and very horny in gear!

  3. Dear Gordon,

    I am very happy that you’ve decided to return this website its previous glory. I must confess that particurly Wetsuitlads website has helped me to develop my fetish for triathlon wetsuits as well as thanks to the support of the entire community to understand that I’m not alone having such fetish in this world. You have been a huge inspiration for me as I was able to wear my wetsuit outdoors and even cycle in it as well. I enjoy every single moment when you post new pics or videos with smoothskin triatlon wetsuits. Especially, the latest hiking pics in triathlon wetsuit are really great. I’m glad I found this site back in those years because I didn’t have to supress my fetish anymore. I’m a huge fan. Looking forward to seeing more pics while seeing you wearing some of your smoothskin wetsuits in more and more unexpecting places.

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