Feb 202018

Who wants to see more photos of Rob? If you do, then comment on this post, plus his photos!!

Check out his profile @ www.wetsuitlads.co.uk/models/rob-01/

  11 Responses to “Who wants to see more of Rob?”

  1. Oh yeah! Please G, hopefully a collab between him and Jack.

  2. Hmm oh yes, maybe together with Nick?

  3. Oh yeah, this would be nice. Let him wear some wetsuit or latex again.

  4. Ohhh yes please

  5. Definitely want more!

  6. Yes more!!

  7. Definitely!

  8. I wouldn’t say no 2 c’ing him again in some rubber suits, looking good.

  9. Yes Please. More maybe a bit of lycra

  10. Oh my. Yes.

  11. Yes more rubber please.

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