How much does website cost to run?

How much does Wetsuitlads cost to run? That’s question, I get asked a lot…

  • Hosting (main website) –  £7.95 per month = £95.40.
  • Hosting (exclusive area) – free. Web space been giving by a friend.
  •, domain name – £8.99 every year.
  •, domain name – £14.99 every year.
  •, domain name – £14.99 every year.

So total works out at £134.37… But of course that does not include my time or paying for my ISP.

What to to see more like this?

What to to see like this? Then you all you to do, is make a donation of £20! The money goes towards paying for the hosting, getting more hot gear etc!

In the exclusive area you get to see models that are not found on the main website. Lot’s of extra hot photos and videos!

Which of these Catsuits?

One of my gear mates is going to one of these two catsuits for cycling in! Yes really go cycling in, I will make sure he does!!

The Sky one, won the vote, over on our forum. He’s hoping to order it soon!