Gordon in a chastity belt + straitjacket

Also in the Wetsuitlads exclusive area (with donations of at least £20) you get to see more photos like this…

11 Replies to “Gordon in a chastity belt + straitjacket”

  1. awesome pic Gordon, well worth the small donation to see all the exciting and very horny pics and videos.

    1. I need to find out how to join the VIP AREA … got to see more of Gordon in the buff.

        1. Thanks….can’t wait. .. a must for me…I will be in the VIP area very soon.

  2. I just creamed in my jock…I could really get off on that chastity belt..to where you would be all sticky and wet.?????

    1. But I am holding the keys for someone else… But that’s another story! He’s been locked up for two weeks far! He wants at least 7!!!

      1. Two weeks..holy cow…I thought a couple of hours..what about getting a stiffy?

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