Vlog: Another cycle in just a wetsuit

Yep yet another cycle in just a wetsuit! This time, wearing the 2XU A:1 Active wetsuit. Watch out for that van, getting just a wee bit close to me!

2 Replies to “Vlog: Another cycle in just a wetsuit”

  1. Wow! Nice. Cycling in wetsuit without any clothes on top makes it much more exciting and of course interesting. You can cycle like this more often. Alternatively you can cycle in your wetsuit with a motocycle helmet, so no one will see your face and you can leave all your clothes at home and be in the wetsuit for the full ride with no need to feel shy.

    1. I’ve cycled before in a motorcycle helmet, but with Lycra, never with a wetsuit… well not yet anyway… Think more would notice then helmet, than the wetsuit…

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