Not one, but two wetsuit walks!

I’ve sure that most of you will know, that I’ve been on holiday for the last three weeks! So during my drive back south, I stopped off to do, not one by two wetsuit walks! During the first walk, I ended up in the River Clyde!


During the second walk, I ended up getting a wee bit turned on (Not turned on in the photos, I am in the video!)… Video coming soon to the Wetsuitlads exclusive area!


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  1. I must say your videos are getting better and better, always new exciting locations, nice contrast of black smoothskin rubber and surrrounding landscapes, and yout hot body in wetsuit, oh god! I’m so glad you got rid of shyness and now you are making so awesome outdoor pics and vlog, these are so great! Perhaps in future in would be nice ot make a multi-location hiking vlog with your wetsuit on. I’m so curious how you will update Exclusive area, it would be nice to see some new hot wetsuit videos.

    1. Glad that you think that my vlogs are getting better and better! But I am just about to take another long break from doing any more updates to this website…

      P.S. Just updated the exclusive area! 🙂

  2. Things just get better and better! Certainly some great locations found recently. Keep it up G!

    1. They are both great locations! Just way, way to far away to use them often! Over 200 miles my English home!

  3. I would love to know if you meet any other walkers when out in your wetsuit and what their reactions are? I know how I would react, it would be very positive and enthusiastic.

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