Jack wearing the Orca speedsuit!!

Please all welcome Jack to our website! Up till now, he’s been a exclusive area only model. Got to say, he does look extra good wearing the Orca speedsuit!!

Many more photos to follow, but they will only get posted to the exclusive area! So why not sign up today?!?! For only £9 or £20 for the extra hot stuff!

Jack wearing the Orca speedsuit
Jack wearing the Orca speedsuit
Jack wearing the Orca speedsuit

The full set of these photos can be found @ photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/jack-01/26-06-2018/

8 Replies to “Jack wearing the Orca speedsuit!!”

  1. Well holy fuck. He looks absolutely incredible in that sexy skintight orca wetsuit.
    Very much looking forward to seeing him in more sexy photos soon

  2. I tried to make more comments, but the website went down, with forbidden access at least three times at the weekend.

  3. Jack looks very hot in the Orca, nice one, well done that man. We need 2 C more of Jack in the future, touch wood : post CV-19 when we R allowed out again 🙂

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