Aug 242018

Please all welcome our newest model Kevin! I will be posting more photos soon!

  6 Responses to “Please welcome our newest model Kevin”

  1. Google Chrome 59 Google Chrome 59 Samsung Samsung

    Very welcome 😏

  2. Google Chrome 30 Google Chrome 30 Android 4.4.4 Android 4.4.4

    He’s not bad looking at all!

  3. Mozilla Compatible Mozilla Compatible iPad iOS 11.4.1 iPad iOS 11.4.1

    Uhhhh very welcome

  4. Internet Explorer 11 Internet Explorer 11 Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1

    kevin looks like a great find, very welcome!!

  5. Safari 11 Safari 11 iPhone iOS 11.4.1 iPhone iOS 11.4.1

    Welcome handsome, love the hair!

  6. Google Chrome 68 Google Chrome 68 Windows 10 Windows 10

    Welcome Kevin! Great suit, and it looks good on you.

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