Sep 072018

Please could you all, vote for Jon and his new fiancé to win a trip to Winter Pride?? It would mean the world to them!

Head over to and choose photo C!

Comment here and let them know you have voted!!

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Orca speedsuit

  12 Responses to “Jon, yes JON needs our HELP!!”

  1. I’ve voted!!

  2. I votet “C”! Can we see current pictures of him please?

  3. I voted … purely on artistic merit & construction, I voted “A”, sorry but C just didn’t do it 4 me. U can’t C either face.

  4. I voted C, but now he needs to do a new series of pictures for the site. 😀

  5. I voted C

  6. Voted!

  7. C Voted

  8. All done!!:)

  9. Vote c.
    And yes he needs to get a New photoshot with you..

  10. I voted C. Twice!!!! Once from my desktop and again from my phone.

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