Sep 212018

Here are some more photos of Jon in rubber!! Big thanks to him for sending them over!

You can check out his profile @

  10 Responses to “More photos of Jon in rubber”

  1. Pass on my best wishes to Jon and thanks; looking good in that gear, mmm very sexy.

  2. Uhhhhhh what a hunk, still. Looks fantastic

  3. He still looks great! Wonder if he’d be prepared to model again..

  4. Jon has really changed since his previous pictures. This is what age and weight gain appears to do sadly

    • I for one, think he looks even better now! And of course we all get older! Got to think, he last did photos in 2005! Which is a good while ago!

      Oh and please be nice, when posting comments! Jon plus other models do read these!

  5. so pleased they won the holiday. good luck lads

  6. awesome glad tat jon and is partner won, awesome pcs anyway

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