Sep 202018

I really do need to get Nick wearing the RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit again! He’s not a bit fan of them. But, I for one! Think he’s sexy in them! Want him wearing them again? Then comment!

Full set of these photos be found be @

  6 Responses to “Need to get Nick back in leathers again!”

  1. Sorry G, I agree with Nick; he looks much better in a wet-suit. That is the vote of the Hampshire jury 🙂

  2. Yeah, one vote for the leathers.

    Have you thought about getting yourself a motorbike?

  3. He looks sexy in leather as well, would love to play with him in leather, as well as in a very tight wetsuit.

  4. Yes please, put him in the leathers, force a tight leather hood on him, with gag, and cuff him to a tree 😉

  5. Yes please, would love to see some new pics of him in leathers!

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