Getting a rubber suit soon!

So far…. I’ve make up my mind, I’am going to get the suit from Regulation London, with following…

  • Black
  • Shoulder zips
  • 0.6mm – going to pay the extra
  • Crotch/Ass zip
  • 40mm collar
  • No socks
  • No gloves
  • Locking Entry Zips – costs more, but stuff that locks is way better!

Now just need to work out, which size I need!

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    1. It’s going to take me, a long, long time to get it! Since, I’ve got no idea what size, I need! So doubt, I will get it, till middle of next year!

      1. Well, all sites have a help to get your size, haven’t been disappointed yet, only one suit ever failed, and was my own mistake.

  1. Now that you know what you want make the excuse to get to Londontown, visit the shop and have them size you 😉

  2. Hi! You might order for example from SkinTightRubber, they have a huge selection of available sizes. They have your black rubber catsuit 0.6mm with shoulder zipper. Alternatively you can go for LatexCatfish and have your latex made-to-measure from a resonable price.

  3. smoothskin neoprene looks better on you i have to admit
    Latex is way too fragile and damages so easily.
    Wetsuts all the way :), you should look at some of the unlined elios apnea wetsuits nice and thin and so sexy to wear

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