Oct 132018

So who, wants Aaron to model for us?!?!?! Comment below and MAKE it happen!!

  18 Responses to “Who wants Aaron to model for us??”

  1. I do !!

  2. Definitely think he should join you for a modelling session!

  3. I would love to model for you in sexy neoprene

  4. Wauw like why even ask, sure what a hottie.

  5. Yes please!!

  6. Absolutely

  7. Yep go 4 it Aaron, always good 2 C new guys in gear on here.

  8. Yes Please

  9. I’d love him to model for us

  10. Mmm hmmm…yes!

  11. I think he would look great in wetsuits and the leather suit!

  12. Like to see him in his Speedos

  13. OMG for sure YES PLEASE – Maybe both of you in your white skinsuits in the shower

  14. So it looks like I’m doing some photos

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