Jan 312019

No running off now! Not, that I could do!! Full video of course, in our Wetsuits exclusive area!

Jan 302019

I’ve got to say, a very, very big thanks to firebravo for these photos! Plus letting me, try out some super hot bondage gear!

Just posted the full set of these photos, to our Wetsuitlads exclusive area. Oh and did I say, they are vidoes also?!?!?

Jan 282019

WOW! I’ve so much fun today! Great fun doing photos wearing the Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle and Fetters Padded Fist Mitts.

Big thanks to Firebravo for letting me try them out! I really did not want to take them off!

Wetsuit + Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle
Wetsuit + Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle

P.S. The full set of these photos, will be coming to Wetsuitlads exclusive area, in the next number of days!

Jan 272019

That’s me just posted yet another video to Wetsuitads exclusive area. This time, I am playing with himself, while wearing the O’Neill Hooded Psychotech FZ 6/4 FSW + S10 gas mask and rubber bondage wrist cuffs.

Sign up today from £8 to see these videos, plus many more like it!

Jan 262019

Opps. Just ordered more stuff from Regulation. This time, FETTERS Padded Leather Muzzle with stuffer gag and locking posts.

My credit card, will be loving me right now!! LOL!

Jan 252019

How much does Wetsuitlads cost to run? That’s question, I get asked a lot…

P.S. done a post about this before… since then, some of the prices have gone up, a wee bit!

  • Hosting (main website) –  £7.95 per month = £95.40.
  • Hosting (exclusive area) – free. Web space been giving by a friend.
  • Wetsuitlads.co.uk, domain name – £15 two every year.
  • Wetsuitlads.net, domain name – £17.99 every year.
  • Wetsuitlads.org, domain name – £17.99 every year.

So total works out at £146.38… But of course that does not include my time or paying for my ISP.

Want to help with these costs? Then make a donation of at least £9, plus you will get, access to the Wetsuitlads exclusive area.

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