Jan 252019

How much does Wetsuitlads cost to run? That’s question, I get asked a lot…

P.S. done a post about this before… since then, some of the prices have gone up, a wee bit!

  • Hosting (main website) –  £7.95 per month = £95.40.
  • Hosting (exclusive area) – free. Web space been giving by a friend.
  • Wetsuitlads.co.uk, domain name – £15 two every year.
  • Wetsuitlads.net, domain name – £17.99 every year.
  • Wetsuitlads.org, domain name – £17.99 every year.

So total works out at £146.38… But of course that does not include my time or paying for my ISP.

Want to help with these costs? Then make a donation of at least £9, plus you will get, access to the Wetsuitlads exclusive area.

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