Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle is here!

That’s the Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle here! So pleased with it! Just need to get positioning the straps, in the right places! I will, of course be getting better photos, very soon indeed! 🙂

Also of course, the question is, which model, will be going in it first?!?!?

2 Replies to “Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle is here!”

  1. It will look good at you.. Now a rubber suit.. And you can been put in the chastity shorts, rubber mittens and muzzle. . Like a nice rubber gimp.. ?

  2. Muzzle, straitjacket, chastity device and shorts, wetsuit or rubber and some nice manacles. You aren’t going to be doing much!

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