Feb 052019

Over all, I am very pleased with the Latex Max Secure Shorts. But I would say, watch what size you get! I went for small which they say is from 28” to 32”. I am around 31″ and they just fit me and no more.

In the next number of days, I will be getting many more photos of myself locked up in these!

Yes, I of course got them from Regulation.

Latex Max Secure Shorts
Latex Max Secure Shorts
Latex Max Secure Shorts

  7 Responses to “The Latex Max Secure Shorts are here!”

  1. Looking fantastic G, a good reason not to put on any weight, but I’m sure you won’t. I have been told that the Blackstyle ones are very good

  2. Looking great in them, and they seem a nice tight fit as well, Hope you can make some videos soon, once the weather improves.

  3. Looks good and I see a new hair cut wish we could see you having it shaved.

  4. Fantastic. Be so frustrating for you to have a device locked on under them too!

  5. They look good on you. Nice tight… And when you getting hard… It becomes tighter..

  6. The shorts are almost as hot as you Gordon and they are amazing hot.

  7. Looking good and so tight!

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