Kevin was here today!! Much fun was had!!

True to his word, Kevin was here today! We took 250 photos… So the Wetsuitlads exclusive area, will be getting lot’s of new photos in the next number days! Just need to wait for Kevin, to choose the ones he’s OK with!

But till then, here is small selection, of the ones that he’s OKed so far!

3 Replies to “Kevin was here today!! Much fun was had!!”

  1. Thank you Kevin and of coarse Gordon. Hopefully most of the 250 pics make it to posting. These three are excellent. Hot rubber gear and that wet suit worn by you two striking lads. Well done .

  2. Fantastic selection of photos! He is rather lovely with the messy hair. Must have been fun changing into the wetsuit from rubber. Definitely craving for my next session of bondage with you!

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