Just upgraded to PHP 7.3

REGULATION Rubber HogSackYes, some very boring website news. Just upgraded to PHP 7.3, which “should” make this website run a lot faster. Better not, sure which version of PHP we had been running, let’s just say it was old!

Now just need to get myself in the mood, for doing more photos! I’ve not, in the correct head space, since turning 40 last month. Just feel, way, way to old for doing gear stuff now 🙁

Oh and in other news, will be ordering the Rubber HogSack next week!

5 Replies to “Just upgraded to PHP 7.3”

  1. Gordon, you don’t look your age ( look far younger) , and very hot lad indeed. I turned 60 last April , dropped 40 pounds since last fall and never feel my age. I love gear and have enjoyed following your sites and adventures. I dont post ,comment or “like” as much as I should struggle with technology and internet service provider. I need your tech smarts here. Know you are followed and enjoyed. Have a fantastic day my friend.

  2. I have to say Gordon, you don’t look AT ALL like your 40. Maybe 27-30 so don’t sell yourself short. Also, if your gonna lie about your age, lie UP xD

  3. Don’t think about the age thing, it’s not important, you look hot in gear (and out) , surely you’re going to be trying out the hogsack?, I know I’d love to and I’m slightly older than you.

  4. Age is just a number! I think you still look very good in your gear, and are definitely a role-model for me to get in gear and enjoy it!

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