Matt is here next week!

Matt is back next week! If you have any ideas, get posting them now!

O’Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit
3M PELTOR X3A Ear Defenders

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8 Replies to “Matt is here next week!”

  1. Cute…
    Make him wear your rubber chastity shorts
    Along with the muzzle and padded mittens.
    Now hé is ready for yours to tease.. 😀

  2. Definitely some sexy skinsuit. Perhaps also make him wet in the skinsuit 😬? And a nice shiny triathlong wetsuit also wouldn’t look bad on him I’m sure! Such a sexy man!

  3. It has to involve plenty of bondage – cuffs, chains, padlocks, chastity devices – the whole works!

  4. A little in padded fist mitts and a bit of teasing in a nice wetsuit followed by a rest in a tight sleepsack.

  5. How long is he staying? Be nice if one of you spent the night in the sleepsack. The other one locked in chastity shorts with the keys inside the sleepsack

  6. In the sleep sack hooded and gagged also the hog sack is a must , would be good to see Gordon in both too .

  7. Definitely some long term restraint possibilities here – an overnight stay in the sleepsack or straitjacket for either or both of you is a must! (Hooded or muzzled of course) – Don’t forget the chastity belts though – and wearing those steel fist mitts until they drive him to distraction would be good for spiderman!

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