Rubber Lad on display at London Underground station

This young lad was starting to get bored of the Public Humiliation Initiative! Was starting to play up! So locked inside a tall glass chamber! To remind him, all his normal rights have been removed! Plus had another 7 days added to his Community Service. So at least 45 days now!

Thanks to NeelsB for this amazing AI Art Work!

Rubber dare around London!

HELP! They got what they wished for! They had always liked the idea of being dared to cross London wearing nothing by rubber suits! Till it happened! Way to late now! They only have oyster cards, digital camera and GPS tracker, water with them! House keys, phones etc have been taken off them!

Oh course, they have stop off at various locations along the way and take photos at them!

Lads locked in prison cells. Will they have there sentences increased?!?!

These lads have been locked in prison cells, while they wait to see if they will let out of the rubber suits or have there sentences increased! Since the Public Humiliation Initiative is working so well. Most have the sentences increased to at least 1 month!