Story : The Wetsuit Model

Inspired by and set in the universe of WETSUIT SENTENCE by sj_one

Aidan is trying to make his way as a male model in London after dropping out of university, certainly not an easy career choice. He’s had a hard time finding work anywhere, so he’s happy for anything that comes his way. He’s attractive and 5’11” and about 12 stone with a slender build, just like mostly everyone else in his field. He works with his friend and agent, James, to try to find new gigs around the city.

Part 1 is now on-line!

Wetsuited working at seaside cafe!

When these young college lads started working at a local seaside cafe, they had no idea that they would have to wear wetsuits! It was wear a wetsuit, or look for another job! They also had to wear a stock collar (locked on, of course!), Which activates when customers push a button on their tables, when they wanted to be served! It would give them a small shock tell them which table needed service!