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Wetsuited working at seaside cafe!

When these young college lads started working at a local seaside cafe, they had no idea that they would have to wear wetsuits! It was wear a wetsuit, or look for another job! They also had to wear a stock collar (locked on, of course!), Which activates when customers push a button on their tables, when they wanted to be served! It would give them a small shock tell them which table needed service!

Public Warning Display Cases! Are for REAL!

These poor fellows thought those display in the Underground were a joke. So to better mock them, they’d strewn trash about. Look at them now!

The idea for these suits come from

Wetsuitlads working at the local farm!

A local farm said they they are found it hard, to get workers during the summer since Brexit. I was like, I have lots of Wetsuitlads that will “wiling” to help you out! Only rule, is they have to wearing rubber wetsuits all the time!

This lad, ticked “Public Humiliation” on the model app form!

This young lad ticked the box that says “Public Humiliation” on the Wetsuitlads model application form. He did not know at the time, we would be made to tasks wearing a wetsuit! One of them, was to give Gordon’s car a good clean inside and out! While wearing tight wetsuit!