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Public Humiliation Initiative! Public Warning Display Cases!

Public Humiliation Initiative, Warning Display Cases have been popping around London and other Towns and Cities around the UK! Remember you, if drop litter! This will happen to you!

Big thanks to one website fans, that did this AI Art Work!

The idea for these suits come from

Community Service Boxing Match

These lads got told if did a boxing march, still wearing the Community Service rubber wetsuits. The winner would get let out of doing rest of his Community Service! Of course, the losers would have there sentence made ever longer!

Why did you bring a cage with you?

This young lad, loved doing Spider-Man Cosplay! So had met up with one of his photographer mates to do some photos! He started to question, why this mate got a cage out of the back of the car… He was like Spider-Man always ends turns up getting tired up etc.

So was thinking, you just inside the cage, while we do some photos! You don’t have to be locked inside, unless you want to, of course!!!