May 252018

Not something you, see very often… since I don’t like my upper body at all and that’s a topless photo!

Don’t worry, Lycra and wetsuits will be back very soon indeed!

May 152018

So no big website updates for a while… Out of the UK for 2 weeks.

Here are some photos, I took before setting off.

Apr 282018

Want to see a video, of one, of our models all helpless in a straitjacket, chastity belt and S10 gas mask? Then make a donation of at least £20!!

Apr 272018

Also in the Wetsuitlads exclusive area (with donations of at least £20) you get to see more photos like this…

Apr 272018

What to to see like this? Then you all you to do, is make a donation of £20! The money goes towards paying for the hosting, getting more hot gear etc!

In the exclusive area you get to see models that are not found on the main website. Lot’s of extra hot photos and videos!

Apr 262018

Any one else on here, go cycling in just a wetsuit?? Comment below!! 🙂

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