Jul 022019

That’s me just done another cycled while, locked in a chastity cage. This time, I did 24.82 miles. Which takes my total locked up miles to 53.13 miles! Yes, I am keeping a log of it! 🙂

UCI World Cup Team skinsuitUCI World Cup Team skinsuit

Jun 242019

Got to say that, cycling while locked in chastity is HOT! I did just over 26 miles, which could, well be my longest ever cycle while locked up!!

Jun 192019

So what do you all think of my newest Lycra?

Love seeing me in Lycra? Then do check out www.gordon-valentine.com. Where, I post way more Lycra photos, than I do on here!

Jun 102019

Gordon very helpless, while wearing the Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit. While locked in the Regulation Custom Rubber Hood and cuffed to the bed, using Clejuso handcuffs.

Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit


Jun 052019

Matt and myself, had to do photos wearing smoothskin wetsuits! Matt was wearing the 2XU P:1 Propel wetsuit and I was wearing the 2XU A:1 Active wetsuit.

2XU P:1 Propel wetsuit

More photos can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/matt-01/

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