Jan 222019

I’ve updated our Future Gear page! By adding the following to it:-

  • FETTERS Padded Leather Muzzle.
  • REGULATION Rubber Zip Mitts.

Plus it’s still got the following:-

  • FETTERS Padded Fist Mitts.
  • Latex Max Secure Shorts.
  • Puppy Cage.
  • REGULATION Rubber Bondage Ankle Cuffs.
  • Rubber Catsuit.

Items, I just got from the list:-

  • Rubber bondage wrist cuffs.

Jan 222019

Just posted a new video of myself to the Wetsuitlads exclusive area. I am wearing the 2XU A:1 Active wetsuit, while wearing my rubber bondage wrist cuffs for the very first time!

Sign up today from £8 to see this video, plus many more like it!

Jan 212019

Well the rubber bondage wrist cuffs, have turned up already! Just need to find someone, other than myself to try them out!

Jan 202019

So what gear, do you think I should get next?

If you have any other ideas, for gear you think, I should get, comment on this post!

What gear, should I get next?

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Jan 192019

Well that’s the rubber bondage wrist cuffs, just been posted! So should have them by this time next week! Can’t wait to locked in them fore the first time!

The latex hood, hood that I ordered at the same time, could take up to 6 weeks. Since it’s got to me made! Sure, that will be here, in time for Nick’s next visit! Just think of outdoors photos, of us both in rubber or wetsuits in the same hoods! 🙂

Jan 182019

At long last, I’ve updated our Future Gear page!

Right now on my list is:-

  • Padded Fist Mitts
  • Puppy Cage
  • Rubber suit
  • Latex Max Secure Shorts
  • Rubber Bondage Wrist Cuffs
  • Rubber Bondage Ankle Cuffs


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