Mar 042018

I’ve just gone and ordered steel spreader with leg irons and handcuffs.

Only first started talking about getting them back way in May 2011!! See post “Thinking of these for bondage photos

The big question is… Who will end up in them first? Nick, myself or someone totally new??


Dec 152017

That’s me just gone and ordered a 2XU A:1 Active wetsuit! Should get it middle of next week! What do you all think of it?

Oct 242016

I am looking into getting a lockable gas mask! Right now, I am looking at the Danish Gas Mask Hood or the S10 Gas Mask Hood! The idea of course being, I got out a walk while wearing a wetsuit. Then put the gas mask on, lock it! Then got for a mile long walk, leaving the key behind!

I would of course film the whole event!! 🙂

Danish Gas Mask Hood

Danish Gas Mask Hood –

S10 Gas Mask Hood

S10 Gas Mask Hood –

Oct 082016

Right now at long last, I am looking at getting a new wetsuit! Right now, this is the one I want the most! But at £263.46 it’s a lot of money!

I like this, since it looks like I could be locked on! But if I add booties and gloves, I would be totally covered in neoprene!! 🙂

So what do you all think about it?


Jun 022014

That’s the neoprene bondage hood here! I am well pleased with it! It only cost £39.95 from eBay and that was with free P&P. Can’t wait to try it out with other gear!

Neoprene bondage hood

May 302014

I have just gone and ordered a neoprene bondage hood. I think it will go very well indeed with my neoprene sleepsack!

Neoprene hood

Once I get it, I will need to do a remake of this video, but wearing the neoprene bondage!

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