Exclusive area



Welcome to the wetsuitlads exclusive area entrance. The way to access over 700 extra photos, videos, wallpapers and more.

How can access this area?

  • By writing a story for this website.
  • By given a donation. Please give at least £9.
  • By helping out with the running of this website.
  • By modeling for us. Fill out the form model to give fit a go.
  • By putting an advert on a website that gives us lots of new viewers, contact us for more information


You need to enter your username and password to enter the exclusive area. Which you will have been given, when you made your donation.

Click here to login. (Opens in a new window)

Forgotten your login details?

If you have forgotten your username and/or password then contact us. Please include your name and email address, that you used when making the donation, to make it easier for us to find your username and/or password.

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