Who uses their wetsuits for watersports?

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Who uses their wetsuits for watersports?

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Nope the watersports that involve you going into water, I know what you were thinking!

I sail, windsurf and kayak, so do any of you use them or just admire them?
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Post by zeep »

i go surfin whenever i got the possibility to do so... got that opprtunity not as nearly as often as i wanted to... :(
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Post by wetsuitmad »

i use wetsuit for
coast steering
i love the smell of rubber in the morning
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Post by jamesingear »

I used to do sailing, kayaking and coasteering but I don't do it any more.

I have been out recently within the past couple of months in the sea with my orca speedsuit.
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Post by edlemming »

Am often out bodyboarding or wakeboarding in them. Or if there are no waves, just to go to the beach in one anyway. Any excuse :)
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Post by rubrguy21 »

Scuba, swimming, and kayaking.

Anyone else have to remind themselves not to daydream when doing outdoor activities in a wetsuit? These things are so revealing...
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Post by Qwerty »

I still remember trying on my wetsuit for sailing and not able to visit the mirror without a reposition or two...
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Post by asdaf »

I use my wetsuits for swimming and scuba diving
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Post by Nick »

jamesingear wrote:I used to do sailing, kayaking and coasteering but I don't do it any more.
I would love to try a bit of Coasteering but not sure of anywhere near me that does it! I am interested in Sailing too or giving Surfing a try but never been able to do any Watersports since school :(
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Post by WrappedInSilver »

After more than a year of deliberation and missing auctions, I got myself my first suit this June. I specifically bought it to improve my swimming and arm muscles, so I would fare better at next year's local triathlon *g*.

So, for me it's primarily for swimming. However, the material surface in the crotch area seems to wear out much faster than the rest. :roll:

*Sigh* how time flies. I wanted to make a post about the suit with some pics when it was still new... never gotten around to it. :-/

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Re: Who uses their wetsuits for watersports?

Post by boyinoc »

I use mine for paddlesurfing every time. :)
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