Blonde/Ginger & freckles in wetsuits?

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Blonde/Ginger & freckles in wetsuits?

Post by Hanglooser » Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:35 am

I wonder if there are models, or pictures of freckle faced cute dudes anywhere.

Any living specimen by chance? 8)

I always liked freckles and ginger, blonde, strawberry blonde and I used to draw surfer-skater-boarder dudes that way.
One of my surf mates looks that way, almost blonde-white hair and lots of freckles. Tough one to hang with while surfing without having him notice the looks, as he's a hetero, of course.

So there's a lot of blonde guys, of course. Not a lot with freckles though. And a lot of ginger boys who cut their beautiful hair ultra short, such a pity! We need more surfy "Weasley" Bros!!
How come?
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