what to wear under?

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what to wear under?

Post by thotna »

well...what do you actually wear underneath? :)

me? usually nothing or a condom if I plan to have some fun in the suit.
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Post by jaydvr »

Just like me...
But with bathing trunks when outdoor/scuba diving/swimming pool.
Me underwater
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Post by wetsuitlad »

I usually wear nothing under my wetsuit. They feel so much better that way.
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Post by Steve »

Nothing underneath at anytime, even when surfing or scuba diving.
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Post by superboy151 »

nothing! love to fell the neopren rub my cock!!!
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Post by didi »

Like all the other posters: nothing under my suit! :roll:
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Post by WetsuitSD »

Nothing underneath. Love the feeling of certain body parts against the neoprene. :D
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Post by skintight »

i usually wear a rash vest under my wetsuit, nice and tight :)
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Post by wetsuitdroola »

lycra shorts, or nothing..
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Post by matt »

Wearing nothing means that the suits cling tighter to your body - especially good if like me you end up getting hard in them if there's fit lads around too - they can see your appreciation ;o)
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Post by gibo87 »

its usually a choice between nothing, or dependin on the occasion a pair of tight speedos
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Post by matt »

tight speedos get my vote!
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Post by speedogoth99 »

Tight speedos always get my vote... But that's usually because I want to SEE the speedo. I've never worn neoprene bottoms. And of course, I'll never find a reasonably priced full-suit or bottoms in in land-locked Pennsylvania. =( Where can I find a neoprene brief? =P
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Post by jt »

Nothing :P
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Post by suited »

Like most of you nothing gets my vote too.
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