Wetsuited in Public and almost caught!

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Wetsuited in Public and almost caught!

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So last night when I went to walk the dog I thought I would wear my wetsuit under my clothes (no change there!). For something different though I thought I would wear no t-shirt over the top just an unzipped jacket. It was one hell of a windy night which meant my jacket was blowing everywhere revealing the black rubber front of my suit. The area where I was isn't busy and has no main roads so I felt confident that no one would see (I was just doing this as a random dare, but it was really turning me on). As I continued down the street I looked up and in the darkness I could see a group of my friends coming towards me, I franticly tried to zip my coat up but the wind was blowing it everywhere and with the dog pulling the lead in the other hand. Eventually I zipped it up but they were really close to me I dont think they saw the tight rubber in the dark as they did'nt mention it but I had never been so scared in my life.
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It reads as if you got an exciting adrenaline rush out of it though, hope you did.
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