24/7 in a wetsuit

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Would you wear a wetsuit 24/7?

Yes, permanently and never take it off
Yes, but only if I can peel it off
No, I just wear it part of the time
Total votes: 33

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Re: 24/7 in a wetsuit

Post by SoakedDolphin »

Yeah so why not do it at some point. Could do a rule like normal clothes for arrival and leaving allowed. In coastal regions people don't care if you drive in a wetsuit or go to a supermarket. Also the pool idea I like a lot.
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Re: 24/7 in a wetsuit

Post by Fido »

I would like to do it, but unfortunately it is not possible. I have no wetsuit in which you can go to the toilet without undressing. I don't know why, but when I wear a wetsuit for a long time (maybe the whole weekend), it smells a bit. When I wear latex for a long time (a week or two), it doesn't smell.
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Re: 24/7 in a wetsuit

Post by surfydude »

One could fit sheaths (P-valves) to the suit or even relief zippers like latex catsuits. I personally don't like the look of crotch zippers as they spoil the smooth look. So I just peel the suit down to the waist.

My wetsuits eventually smell from repeated wear if not washed. It's due to the sweat (and other body fluids) absorbed and built up in the fabric lining. And I sweat more in neoprene because it traps in heat. Latex is smooth and doesn't trap in heat or absorb sweat so I think that's why it doesn't smell easily. But if I do sweat in latex it will either flood inside or drip out as it has no where to go.

This poll was if neither of those problems existed, which doesn't actually happen in real life.
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