Elite surfing college

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Elite surfing college

Post by Josh » Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:50 pm

Ryan sat on the sandy beach, gazing out at the surf. His Animal wetsuit was rolled down to his waist and his new board lay in the sand next to him. The hardcore of surfers were using ever last minute of light as the sun disappeared below the horizon.
He'd had a good day and knew when to quit while he was ahead. The break had been great all afternoon but it was time to think about heading home. Living a mile away from the beach meant it was just a gentle cycle from home to surf.
He stood up and dusted himself down. It always seemed like half the beach ended up sticking to his suit. Bending down, he placed his towel into his backpack and closed the zip. He reached down to his waist and fumbled the wetsuit rolled around it. He found the sleeves and pulled it up to his chest before sliding his arms down and out the ends of the suit. He reached behind to find the lead attached to zipper and pulled it up to the neck. Having the sleeves dangling down while riding a bicycle was just asking for trouble. As he lived so close to the beach, it was easiest to ride there in a wetsuit and save on the hassle of changing on the sand.
Ryan opened a side pocket on the bag and reached in to find a set of keys. He didn't need many keys, just one for a bike lock, one for the back door at home and one for the locker at college. The key he was after was for the lock securing his bike to the lamp post in the beach car park
Throwing the bag over one shoulder and the surf board under the other arm, Ryan walked up the warm sand to the car park and dropped his stuff next to the bike. The lock on the bike was fiddly and never opened first time.
He'd barely begun to play with the lock when a deep male voice said “Excuse me, could you help me? My friend and I seem to have become lost.”
Ryan left the key in the lock and looked up from his position stooped over the bike. Having grown up in the area, he always found it strange that people got lost, but still it happened. A quick glance around the car park revealed it to be virtually empty except for the two men who had approached him.
As he turned to face the men, he couldn't help feeling that something wasn't right about their appearance.
Both men were tall and of muscular build. They were both dressed very formally, smart shoes, trousers and shirts, but no ties. 'Not the average sort of person you see in a beach car park' he thought.
“Sure, how can I help?” replied Ryan.
“Well it's actually a little bit difficult”, continued the first man, “we don't have a map as such, just a sat nav”
“Yeah, and once again technology has failed to beat the road atlas” the second man chipped in.
The first man, trying to maintain his original lead in the conversation, pushed on
“Would you mind coming over to the car and pointing out on our satnav where we are and where Riley's snooker hall is?”
Ryan, felt it was a bit strange but seemed harmless enough
“Sure, why not. Where's your car?”
“That's great, we really appreciate this. We're parked just over there, the black VW Passat.”
The car was about 30 yards away, so Ryan left everything where it was and walked across the car park.
“I'm Mike and this is Pete” the first guy announced, gesturing to his friend as he introduced him.
Ryan answered “Oh, hi, I'm Ryan, Ryan McGee” and held out his hand to the Mike.
“Nice to meet you, Ryan” replied Mike as he shook hands.
As they approached the car, Pete took a key fob from his pocket and aimed it at the car, the lights flashed as he pressed the unlock button. Oddly though, the boot popped open as well, about half way.
“Oh the bloody boot's opened again! I thought you were going to get that fixed” Pete loudly exclaimed
“I told you, it's got to goto the main dealer” Mike immediately retorted
“Anyway, let's get this satnav sorted and get on our way, we've taken up enough of young Ryan's time already.
You get in the driver's side and get it all turned on, Pete. Ryan, if you jump in the passenger side because that's which side the nav is on. I can't trust him to drive and navigate. I'll sort that boot out”
This odd relationship was actually beginning to relax Ryan and he flashed a slight smile at the end of the latest outburst.
Opening the passenger side door, he leaned into look at the satellite navigation system that was firing up.
Various things flashed across the screen as it came to life and Ryan concentrated hard. Mike was standing behind him when he suddenly announced
“Oh, just one more thing Ryan..” and grabbed hold of him with one arm, while pushing a tissue across Ryan's mouth with the other hand.
There was a nasty vapour smell coming off the tissue and Ryan tried to struggle, but Pete reached across the seat and punch him hard in the chest. Ryan gasped as firstly all the air in his lungs was forced out and then as he breathed in deeply to replace it. Unfortunately all that air was filtered through the tissue and whatever nastiness was in it. He struggled for a few more seconds but his body was going limp and everything in his head was going black.

Ryan came too. His head was pounding, the worst headache he'd ever had. Reluctantly he opened his eyes, but still everything was black. He shut them and shook his head before trying again. Still, everything was black.
He could hear a noise around him. He listened, hard. It sounded like an engine running. Listening harder, he realised it was the sound of a car going along a road, at quite a pace.
His body felt all twisted and cramped, his hands were behind his back for some reason. He tried to move them, but something was stopping him. He strained all the muscles in his arms and shoulders but still nothing.
His mind was racing but he needed to think logically. He worked his fingers around to his wrists and felt every inch. He could feel something like metal bracelets around his wrists, connected by a chain. 'Handcuffs' flashed through his thoughts.
His knees were aching as his legs were bent double. Again, he couldn't move his legs apart or stretch them out. Using his finger tips, he traced the chain as far as he could, it disappeared toward his feet. He surmised that his ankles were bound and connected to his feet. Although feeling distress , there was one last thing he could think to try and that was screaming for help. Somebody might hear him, he hoped.
He tried to scream, but the noise was muffled by something stuffed into his mouth. Working round it with his tongue, he determined it was some kind of rubber ball held in place by a strap around the back of his head.

The ride went on for ages. Sometimes the car would stop and in his mind, Ryan would raise hope, but then it moved off again.
Eventually it stopped and Ryan heard the sound of doors opening and then closing, before finally, a hatch opened above his head and light flooded in. Bright daylight. The last thing Ryan could remember was helping two guys who were lost at sunset. Could he really have been prisoner for so long?
Blinking as the light came rushing into his eyes, which had been in darkness for so long, Ryan made out two faces. Although his head ached, he remembered the faces. Mike and Pete. He realised he was in the boot of their car.
Both men reached into the boot and took hold of Ryan, an arm each, Firmly but gently they lifted him from the boot and out onto a gravel drive way.
Standing him on his feet, they continued to hold him by the arms.
“Easy Ryan, take it gentle. Let the blood start flowing. Don't fight the restraints, you won't win” Pete spoke softly.

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Post by Josh » Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:52 pm

After a short pause, they led Ryan up the driveway of a large villa. Ryan could tell by the sights, sounds and smells, that it was by the coast.
As the chains jangled, he was led to a side door of the main building. He walked into a porch type area. There was small counter, like a breakfast bar and a coat rack with wetsuits hanging up.
Two men appeared through a door from another room
The first was a mature guy. He was dressed similar to Mike and Pete, very smart, very formal. He was thin of build with his black hair going grey.
The second guy was a lot younger, Ryan estimated early twenties, not much older than him. He was dressed like a surfer, flip flops, boardies and a baggy t shirt. His wavy brown hair had been turned very light, almost blond, by the sun, and his skin was deeply tanned.
As Ryan studied him, he smiled and stepped forward
“Hey, you must be Ryan? The boss has been waiting for you. I'm Matty. I live here and work for the boss. I'm just going to give you a few tweaks before we take you through. My stylist, Albert, is going to help me” and he nodded to the more mature gentleman.
“Pete, could you take the gag out please. Would you like something to drink, Ryan? You've come along way, you must be hungry and thirsty?”
Mike held both of Ryan's arms while Pete undid the strap holding the rubber ball in his mouth.
Although Matty stared at Ryan, waiting for an answer, firstly Ryan rolled his bottom jaw around and licked the corners of his mouth with his tongue. It had been sometime since he'd been able to do it.
He looked at Matty, still waiting patiently for an answer.
“Err... I'll have a... water please”
Matty quickly fetched a glass of water. He held it in his right hand, his left hand screwed up in a fist. Putting the glass to Ryan's lips, he said
“Take a little to wet your mouth. I've also got you something for the headache” and uncurled his left hand to reveal two blue pills.
Ryan looked at Matty, dis trustingly.
“It's OK, we're not going to hurt you. We're here to look after you”
Reluctantly Ryan opened his mouth and Matty put the pills on his tongue, before putting the glass to his lips again. Ryan took a gulp and swallowed.

“Now let's get you cleaned up alittle. First your hair, how do you wear it? Messed up style like most surf boys?”
Matty produced a small bag of hair brushes and cream.
“Yeah sure” Ryan answered, not really knowing what to make of things and trying to go with the flow.
Matty began rubbing styling cream into Ryan's hair before working it into a fashionable mess with his fingers.
“Now for alittle make up, just to bring up the highlights of that lovely face”
“Erm. Err.” Ryan stalled while he tried to think how to say no to make up, without upsetting his captors
“Oh, I won't turn you into some drag queen, you'll hardly notice it.” Matty asserted.
“A little work around the eyes, abit of stuff on your cheeks, to cover the slight scuffs from the carpet in the car and you'll look a picture”
Having his hands cuffed behind his back and his feet chained closely together, Ryan couldn't really resist.

It took about a quarter of an hour for Matty to style his hair and do his make up. Finally Matty produced a small mirror and showed Ryan the finished product. If it was a Saturday night, Ryan would have been quite impressed with the results, but this was different. Continuing his need to keep the peace, Ryan managed to utter “Erm, yeah, that's great, thanks, Matty.

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Post by Josh » Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:55 pm

“Now, I expect that wetsuit is abit tight. You must have been in it about 18 hours now. Let's get something to loosen it up.”
Matty dived into the bag that contained the hair stuff and make up, producing a small bottle of baby oil. He stepped behind Ryan and pulled down on the zipper attached to his wetsuit. Ryan felt fresh air circulating around his naked upped body.
Matty rolled the suit down slightly in the body and the arms, before setting about running baby oil in Ryan's skin.
Before he knew it, Matty had finished and rolled the suit back up before closing the zipper.

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Post by SZ » Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:24 pm

Brill cant wait for the next part

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Post by Josh » Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:07 pm

I'm having trouble copying and pasting. I keep getting redirected to an error message. I have to break it down into really small chunks to make it work.

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Post by Josh » Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:14 am

Something in the forum software limits my copy and pasting. I've found some free story hosting websites {had to wade through 5million take offs of 50 shades} so hopefully i'll get the story up on there soon.

My attention wandered alittle into another similar fantasy. I put fingers to keyboard {pen to paper} and i've got something that i feel is better and possibly more thrilling.
I know where i'm going with it up a point, in my head and the actual writing is abit behind that, but after that i might need help to move it on.

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