Tom Daley, Diver to Wetsuit Slave

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Tom Daley, Diver to Wetsuit Slave

Post by Josh » Thu May 01, 2014 8:35 pm

As Tom reached for the door knocker, he paused to reflect on how he'd ended up here. He was the pin up boy, Olympic Medal winner, perfect body, great looks and natural TV personality to go with it. The break up had destroyed him, he'd dropped out of the limelight and spent his fortune, and some. He had to settle his debt and there was only one way.

The door opened, a middle aged man, balding with glasses. "Enter." the command was almost robotic, devoid of emotion or charisma. Tom stepped in immediately, he couldn't afford to screw this up. The room was dark except for three men sat at a long table, like a panel holding an interview. Spotlights illuminated them from overhead.
"Ah Mr Daley. I take it by your appearance here today, you've accepted the offer?"
Tom was struck without warning, a back hand slap from the man who'd opened the door. "
Boy! From now on you will end all statements with 'Sir'! Is that clear?"
Tom wanted to rebel, he wanted to return to the compliment, but he sucked it up. "Yes, Sir"
The focus once again shifted to the centre of the table. "Then the deal is done. Strip."
Tom hestitated, but fearful of another slap, or worse, he followed the order. Raising his arms above his head, he pulled off the striped wooley jumper that had protected him from the cold outside, showing off his rippled six pack.
He moved his hands to buttons on his jeans, un doing them one at a time, fumbling as he went, stalling for time, but there was all the time in the world.
He stepped out of his battered trainers and slid the jeans down his legs. He was naked except for black speedo hugging his crotch.
The panel watched mesmerised, one member dropped his glasses to the end of his nose, open mouthed he peered over the top as if disbelieving what the spectacles were showing him.
Breaking the silence, the head of the panel spoke again "Very nice, but i said strip."
Tom took a deep breath and pushed the trunks down his legs. Once again time stood still as the group studied his penis, a large compliment well hung.
"In the next room is a shower. Wash all over and return, then we can begin the fitting process."
Tom shuffled across the floor to a door that had been opened. A plain bathroom with Supermarket brand Shampoo and Bodywash. As he approached, water begin spurting from the shower head. Obliging he stepped into the torrent of warm water. He washed quickly and stepped out of the cubicle. The unknown man who seemed to be acting as the Butler come enforcer was watching. He handed him a towel without speak and Tom began drying off. His attention focused on the toweling, so when he finally turned back to the Butler, he was already prepared for stage one of the fitting.
Tom had read the description of what was to happen when he first agreed to the idea, but it was strange to see it actually happening.
The Butler held out a sort of plastic pear, with plastic ring around the back of it. Right on queue he spoke "This is a CB 3000, from now on your new master will decide when it's play time."
Tom stared blankly ahead as the devide was fitted to his penis. After some adjustment, the Butler was satisfied and produced a small brass padlock from his pocket. A swift action of the wrist saw it through the locking mechanism and snapped shut.
Beckoning him to follow, the Butler return to the main room. The panel took a moment to admire Tom's restrained beauty, before the Leader once again addressed Tom. "Stage one completed, excellent. Now for the wetsuit."
Pausing for a moment, he read a piece of paper on the desk in front of him.
"Ah Orca Speedsuit. An excellent choice, Gordon really does have great vision when it comes to these things"
Completing his sentence, he Butler came to Tom's side, holding the wetsuit. It's black neoprene shimmered with the reflection of the spotlights. Placing his hands into the shoulders, he forced the back of the suit open and faced Tom.
Silently the Diver entered the wetsuit. He'd practised at home to make sure he didn't get it wrong at the crucial moment. One leg at a time he worked his way into the suit, easing it up his smooth legs and onto his slender waist.
Now he was ready for the final part. He forced his arms down the sleeves and hoisted the rest of the suit onto his upper body. Before he could think, the Butler had taken hold of the zipper and begun drawing it closed. The neoprene gripped his body tightly, the feeling of compression was ever present. Standing back for a moment, the Butler spoke "You should get yourself comfortable, it's going to be on you for a while."
Tom worked his body around, bending over to touch his toes, crossing his arms over his chest. Finally he stood still, the suit was as well fitted as he was going to get it.
The Butler approached Tom, stepping around the back of him he felt the man gripping the top of the zipper, then another clip. Tom guessed at another padlock, he was locked into the wetsuit.
The panel once again took charge of proceedings "Turn around please, all the way around, 360*, we need to be sure, only the best for our clients"
As Tom turned, modelling the tight neoprene that hugged every curve of his body, approving noises came from the table.
"Very good. Excellent work. Begin the locking up procedure"
Tom gulped. He knew what was coming but he wasn't looking forward to it. The butler appeared in front of him, he held open the back of a straitjacket, ready for Tom to slide his arms into.
Not wishing to receive another slap, he stepped forward, pushing his arms into the sleeves simultaneously.

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Re: Tom Daley, Diver to Wetsuit Slave

Post by Josh » Thu May 01, 2014 9:02 pm

Pushing the cotton jacket onto Tom's chest, the Butler once again stepped round the back of the wetsuit clad former celeb. One by one, he fastened the buckles, pulling for maximum tightness each time. The long sleeves dangled limpy in front of Tom.
Now for the crotch straps. Tom expected an opportunistic grope, but the man remained strictly professional, not breaking his formal conduct. Fixing them as tightly as they would go, the straps highlighted Tom's well packaged penis, like a ribbon on a present.
Fianlly he gathered up the loose sleeves. Threading them through the arm loop on the front of the restrain device, he passed them behind Tom's back. Tom felt his shoulders squeeze tighter together as the Butler pulled the sleeves for maximum fit.
Tom was complete helpless. Taking him by the shoulder, the Butler guided him through another 360 turn, to louder calls of approval.
Next was the leg shackles. Clipping the clasp closed around his right ankle, the butler passed the chain through the crotch straps of the strait jacket and down to Tom's left ankle, pulling his feet closer together in the process. Tom began to feel a little un balanced, all this bondage restricted the natural way a person distributes their weight.
The process continued. From his pocket, the butler produced a ball gag. "Open please" as he stood in front of Tom, the leather straps held out tight by his hands. Tom complied, the rubber ball was forced deep into his mouth. From behind, the Butler, ever efficient, once more tightened the strap to it's maximum. Tom's jaw ached but he could nothing about it. Just to confirm it, the Butler clipped a padlock through the buckle of the strap.
Now the panel, who had so far remained seated, stood. Silently they strode across the room for a closer inspection. The three circled Tom for a minute, before the next command from the leader.
"Very good. And finally, the hood please"
While the inspection had taken place, the Butler had prepared a full leather hood. Using the palms of his hands to guide the hood down over the head of Tom, he seated it nicely on the base of his skull. Carefully he unfolded the leather flaps at the back, and slid the zipper closed. The bound wetsuit lad took a breath, exhaling the hood puffed out, but for long. Methodically, the Butler began taking out the slack in the lace back. Every set of eyelets were tugged until they were perfect. Every time the hood got tighter. By the time he finished, the leather mask fitted Tom as snuggley as the wetsuit.
The butler took the leather belt around Tom's neck. He pulled it tight, but not too tight, checking he could still slide his thumb between the belt and Tom's neck.
He closed the buckle and sealed the deal with a padlock.
The panel were satisfied. "Place him in the crate, but leave room, it's a double order this year."
The butler guided the helpless Tom into another room. He placed his hands on his shoulders and pushed him into a kneeling position. He spoke softly "Ok, now move into a sitting position." As Tom shuffled around, the Butler guided him sideways into the open cage. A metal cage, like the sort used to contain a large dog. A leather collar hung from a chain connected to the metal bars. Positioning Tom with his back against the cage, he slipped the collar around his neck and once again secured it with a padlock.
The butler stood up and left, leaving the cage door open, another collar and chain hung from the opposite side.

There was a knock at the door and the Butler opened it. A voice called from across the room "Ah Mr Tomlinson, come in Louis we've been expecting you.."

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Re: Tom Daley, Diver to Wetsuit Slave

Post by alfiej_uk » Fri May 02, 2014 8:10 pm

Cracking story, can't wait for part 3! Might be nice to find out that Mr Tomlinson and Louis had set up Niall...

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