New surfer friends in Skegness - part 5

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New surfer friends in Skegness - part 5

Post by Jamie6369 » Mon May 12, 2014 12:11 pm

Well, here is Part 5 - Not much wetsuit stuff, more of a preparation for Cornwall.

Hope someone likes it :?

Any future ideas let me know - I'm literally making this up as I type :D

I was sleeping when Colm called me at about 10am the next morning, that forty mile ride in my wetsuit had really exhausted me. Fortunately, I had the day off, so just climbed into my t-shirt and trackies, together with the white socks I had to wear as my “initiation”. I had a couple of cups of coffee and some breakfast (only a banana). My legs felt sore, as I got on my bike to meet Colm in Lincoln, he had already arranged my train ticket to Newquay and as he was passing through town thought he would give it to me rather than post it.

We met in the restaurant of a hotel in the city centre, only place he knew in Lincoln. I felt a little under dressed in just a t-shirt and shorts, but Colm as wearing a pair of trackies and a Grimsby Town football shirt, I didn't feel too out of place, this was the first time I had seen him without a wetsuit on! Colm went and got us a coffee each – the cups were so big, we each thought they could use the expression “bucket of coffee” as an advertising slogan!

I was almost at the bottom of my coffee when I felt really weird, not tired or anything, just somewhat foggy.

"Dude, you have a really low tolerance to drugs, that worked really fast. Follow me" he grinned

I did, all the way up to a room on the sixth floor - nice view of the cathedral

"Shorts and t-shirt off" He asked

Oddly, I didn't say a word, I just removed my shorts and t-shirt.

“Cool, still completely hairless” Colm remarked

I just stood there, naked except my Nikes and my socks.

“You will remember all of this.” Colm said before continuing to explain “I slipped a wee little concoction into your coffee. It is a bit like rohypnol, the date rape drug, except it makes you much more compliant and you will remember everything”

I was listening, but oddly not really processing.

Colm continued “It only lasts half an hour, so I better get to work” he grinned

“You'll hate this” he said as he pulled out a small pouch and took out a clear plastic device shaped like a penis.

My brain did process this, I thought he was going to rape me with it.

"When did you last wank?" Colm asked

Normally I would be too embarrased to answer, but I just said "Night before last"

"Horny?" Colm asked while pulling bits of the device apart

“yes, a bit" I replied

"This is a chastity device - it will stop you wanking, having sex, or even touching your dick" Colm stated as he held the device up to my face

"You want me to put it on you. Just ask me" Colm instructed

"Can you put it on me?” I asked him

Colm immediately started work, he said I would remember everything, and I did! He was trying different combinations of parts, then giving me a tug and a pull, then trying other combinations. Eventually, I think he was more or less done when he said
“Now, short or long, short is a little too short, long it a bit too long.”

After a few seconds contemplating he said with a smile
“Sod it, lets just ram the small one on”

I felt him pushing the part of the device shaped like a penis on to mine, he gave it quite a hard shove, but eventually he got it on.

“The key to this lock is at home in Skegness” He laughed

“Listen for the click” I was instructed

I did as I was told, I think I will remember that sound until my dying day!

"We'll release you the morning of our trip back to Skegness, so you won't have to ride the bike with it on" Colm said

He laid out several tablets

"They will make you ultra horny. You should try one – go on." Colm said

I reached out, scooped up all three and swallowed

"oops, I was expecting you to only take one. Oh well never mind." Colm laughed

"Get dressed, I only have a few more minutes until that stuff wears off" Colm ordered

After I climbed back into my t-shirt and shorts, Colm instructed
"Back to the restaurant, we will have another coffee"

We went back to the restaurant, Colm got a couple more coffees, I just sat there staring at mine for several minutes until I instantly snapped out of my daze

"Welcome back" Colm grinned

I reached for my dick, I felt hard plastic and an involuntary twitch.

“Bastard!” I said, before continuing “Dude, this is a 'cruel and unusual punishment' ”

“Don't worry, it is only for a few weeks. We had Ash locked up for about three months” Colm laughed

“Fuck what is it with you torturing that guy?” I snapped back

Colm stopped and actually looked shocked, then embarrassed, then upset.

“Sorry if I said something wrong, but you do seem to have him in your sights more than Jack” I said

“No, I think you might actually be right.” Colm answered, before asking “Am I a bully?”

“Dude, you've locked my dick up, I'm bound to say yes” I laughed

“Jack had his wanking privileges removed for a while, but I think it was just a couple of weeks” Colm tried to justify

“And you?” I queried

“No fuckin' way is that going to happen.“ Colm defensively declared

“So, that's me, Jack and Ash that you have locked up. What have they done to you?” I wanted to know

This was a strange conversation, Colm at times seemed very down, at other times he tried to justify himself, sometimes he was laughing, sometimes I thought he was sorry. Perhaps he had been using too many of his own legal highs.

I think it more-or-less boiled down to “because he could”, he had the drugs to drop in peoples drinks, he had the money to buy chastity devices, to buy those big steel balls to clamp on peoples hands and apparently quite a few other toys I had not seen yet. He also had the free time to develop these drugs and come up with new ideas.

I think I cheered him up a little when I finished my totally unqualified analysis and declared
“You're bored, you have very little to do, so you think up these ideas and try them out. I don't think you are necessarily a bully, just you work out all these thing to do for a laugh and actually do them!”

He nodded in some form of agreement.

“So to level up the playing field a little bit, every drug you develop, how about leaving some in Jack's van, so we can all have a go at playing with them?” I asked

“I could do, but no way in a million years is anyone locking my dick up” He defiantly stated.

“Well, that's a risk you take, at the moment everyone is having a laugh with torturing each other, but sooner or later, Jack and Ash are going to realise you always seem to have the upper hand” I said

Colm agreed to turn Jack's van into a pharmacy, I was not really sure what I had done, or really how it had happened. During the conversation, I did come to the conclusion that Colm was by far the worse of the three, but Ash and Jack had done things to him and each other as well. I was not totally innocent, I had locked Ash in his wetsuit for three weeks with a load of parasites as company.

“Fuck this” I said “we need to lighten up and stop thinking”

Colm immediately cheered up and offered “I've got some synthetics” with a grin

“Are you driving?” I asked

“No got the train, what a boring journey!” Colm responded.

“In that case, large quantities of alcohol are in order” I replied

Before we headed out to find a pub, Colm gave me the details of the motor bike so I could arrange some insurance for the ride from Cornwall to Lincolnshire.

After a few drinks, I realised why Colm prefers his chemicals, he goes extremely talkative, he didn't stop talking all afternoon. He talked to anyone and everyone, and unfortunately, was very forthcoming with the things he said. He told several people I had just got rid of a crab infestation (oddly, everyone who hadn't had them, and quite a few who had, seemed to find it funny), but the embarrassment of that was nothing compared to when he told a couple of guys he had locked me in a chastity device! They found it so funny, they bought us both a drink! Unfortunately, I then needed to relive myself,
“Sit down to it” Colm shouted as I was heading for the toilet

“I've got to see this!” One of the lads said as he followed me into the facilities.

By the time I got into the toilet, both of them were behind me. Embarrassing, but I figured I probably would never see them again, so I showed the device to them. I hadn't really looked at it myself until then.

“Dude, you are so fucked” One said while grabbing the device

“Yea, but he won't be doing any of that!” the other laughed and continued “I can't even remember what it was like not to wank!”

I eventually managed to back into a stall and leave them outside, when I emerged they had gone back to the bar (thankfully!). When I got back there, they had bought us both another drink.

The rest of the afternoon was nothing compared to that encounter. I walked Colm back to the railway station and returned home myself. The bike ride was a little uncomfortable with the thing bolted onto my male member, but not too bad. At home the first thing I did was to whip my shorts off and have a good look at the medieval device between my legs, I tugged and pulled and pushed and twisted and a mixture of all those, but to no avail. I was trapped, I had enjoyed wanking ever since I first discovered the pastime, how was I going to manage the next few weeks until the holiday weekend and the trip to Cornwall.

It got to about 10pm that night, when I was consumed by hornyness! I had not wanked for a couple of days, which was not too unusual, but now my dick was trying to get hard, really hard, the pain of being constrained was simply not funny. I rang Colm and said I was in pain, his reaction
“Dude, you took all three tablets! You'll have more testosterone now than when you were going through puberty! Don't worry, it will settle back to normal in a couple of days!”

So, that was helpful! The only thing I could think off, apart from sexy guys in wetsuits, was a cold bath to hopefully reduce what was trying to swell between my legs. The cold bath worked, although I still kept thinking sexual thoughts, which caused a return to the swelling!

I went for a late night bike ride, by the time I got back home it was 1am. Thankfully I got to sleep before my mind wandered too much. I woke, in pain at 6am, my dick was trying its best to get hard, the sort-of erection had lifted the whole device and my balls were stretched upwards uncomfortably, the tight skin felt like a “Chinese burn”. Just by chance I discovered going to the toilet seemed to cause some deflation and I was soon pain-less, but craving a wank!

The next three weeks were like a roller coaster, the first couple of days locked up I was so horny, looking at a pencil or a traffic light would cause a stirring (it did remind me of being thirteen again!). Then the excess hormones must have ran out, I still felt horny and as if I was going to spontaneously cum all over the place at any moment (unfortunately, I didn't), the early morning “wake-up hard-ons” as I dubbed them continued. I tried several times to pick the lock!

Eventually, the three weeks passed and it was time to head for Cornwall, I couldn't wait! I wanted this thing off, I wanted to wank, I was looking forward to seeing loads of wetsuited guys, I liked the idea of learning to surf.

I had specific instructions of what to bring due to the extreme shortage of space in Jack's van where we would all be sleeping. I was told; wetsuit, trainers, the socks I had been wearing for the last three weeks, a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a toothbrush.

In addition, I had said I would need my motorbike leathers, helmet and gloves for the return trip, to which Jack said
“I'm not sure where, but we will fit them in somehow”

A text I got from Ash as well, it said “Don't carry anything, wear it all, it be funny”

I liked Ash's sense of humour, yep, it would be good for a laugh, so I set off on a fifteen hour train trip wearing, wettie, socks, t-shirt and shorts with my motorbike leathers on top, carrying my helmet and gloves. I left Lincoln a about 5pm on Friday night and got to Newquay about 7:30am Saturday morning. The trip had been quite interesting, changing trains at 2am etc, the most challenging part was going to the toilet – removing leathers, t shirt and shorts and peeling down my wettie in a space that was only about three feet square!

I did not think I was sweating too much during the train rides, except for every time I got out of my seat and felt the lake of sweat that had pooled around my waist, flow towards my feet. On one of the trains some people were complaining about it being too cold – I didn't notice!

Jack had sent me the GPS coordinates of where his van was parked, “just in case you need them” was the expression he used, the plan was for him to meet me at the station. That plan failed, there was no sign of him, I tried to call him and sent text messages to all of them, but no replies. So, I cranked up the map on my phone, switched on the GPS and entered the coordinates Jack had given me.

First attempt showed that they were just off the eastern coast of Tanzania, I swapped the numbers around and found a more local location! It was just over a mile from the station so I started walking in the hope they hadn't moved. It was quite a nice walk along the cliff top, I could see several surfers out in the sea and on the beach, all in wetsuits, unfortunately, I was not close enough to get a good look at them!

I found the van in a car park on top of a cliff, there was a great view over the beach below. I noticed the windows of the van were all covered in steam, I took a look through and noticed what looked like three beached whales! Jack, Ash and Colm, all in wetsuits, all fast asleep! No wonder I didn't get picked up from the station.

As luck would have it, there were a couple of surfers, dressed in Orcas (more whales!) just getting their boards off the top of their car, I wondered over and asked
“Excuse me guys, sorry to interrupted you, but could you do me a favour?”

The usually “hi, what, why?” type of questions were fired at me, so I answered

“The three guys in the van sleeping were supposed to pick me up from the station this morning! Could you help me give them a surprise wake up call” I asked

They agreed with my plan and we all walked over to the van, one on the far side, me and the other on the remaining side. We leant against the van and when I banged on the side and shouted
“Earthquake!!” all started rocking the van as much as we could.

Within seconds, we heard the most girly scream imaginable and a couple of other loud voices, one saying “hold on” the other “lets get out!”

A second or two more and Jack, Colm and Ash were all standing in the car park, having flown out of the side door!

The two surfers and I were all laughing, I thanked them for their help as they were heading back to their car one turned and said
“No problem, great way to start the day – with a joke”

“Bastard!” Colm said

“Who screamed like a little girl?” I asked

Jack and Ash both laughed and pointed at Colm

“I had visions of the cliff breaking away and us all ending up at the bottom” Colm said

“Shit!” Jack swore “We were supposed to pick you up from the station”


That seemed like a good place to stop for now, I think in part 6 I might learn to surf :D

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