New surfer friends in Skegness - part 6 - Cornwall

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New surfer friends in Skegness - part 6 - Cornwall

Post by Jamie6369 » Sun May 18, 2014 2:07 pm

A few more random ideas on what the guys are up to :D

Hope you like it.

We made small talk for a little while, and decided upon getting breakfast, we were just about to head off when Ash said to me
“Come and have a look, we've got something to show you in the van.”

I climbed into the van through the sliding side door, it smelt heavily of rubber and sweat.

“Dudes, you need to air this van out a bit more” I said

Ash pointed to one of the over head cupboards, “Have a look at this” he said as he slid open the door.

Inside was about twenty little draws, each clearly marked with a label and description. I immediately knew that Colm had been true to his word and put a supply of his drugs into the van for all to enjoy or use. I saw one draw labelled “Zombie / do anything told / 30 minutes” and knew that is the one Colm must have used on me.

“It's Colm's drug stash” Ash said excitedly “Now we can all get high any time we want”

Whilst Ash may be been wanting to get stoned, I wanted revenge. The reaction of both Jack and Ash to showing me the drugs tended to indicate to me that Colm had not told them about our little get together a few weeks back.

I slid a couple of draws out at random and took a peek, things labelled “Cannabis Substitute” did look like plants, while the others were mainly tablets.

I carefully sneaked one of the zombies into the palm of my hand and exited the van.

“Nice draws” I said to Colm

Just as he opened his mouth to reply I planted my knee very firmly into his crotch, he would have hit the ground, but leant back and supported himself on a rail between the car park and the cliff. Unfortunately for Colm, this was not much help as I then booted his crotch as hard as I could.

“Woah, overkill!” Jack said as Colm landed in a heap by the railings

“Dude, that has way got to hurt” Ash laughed.

“Do me a favour?” I asked Jack

“Anything man” Jack responded

“Sit on his chest to stop him moving” I asked

“Do me a favour?” I asked Ash

“What Dude?” Ash responded

“If he struggles, boot him in the nuts again” I grinned at Ash.

With Colm firmly held down, I held the little tablet up to his face. He immediately knew exactly what it was and looked quite uneasy!

“In it goes” I said as I rammed it into his mouth and held his mouth firmly shut.

“Which one was it?” Jack asked while grinning

“The one he used on me a few weeks ago” I answered

Jack and Ash as I thought, had no idea of what had transpired between me and Colm. I explained everything that had happened that afternoon, including being locked in the chastity device and Colm telling people in the pub what he had done.

“Ugh, that thing is evil” Jack said looking like he had just bitten on a lemon!

“You only had it on for a little while, I was in it for months” Ash protested.

It had been several minutes, even if not swallowed, the table would have dissolved by now I asked Ash to get me some water and insisted Colm have a few gulps.

“Fuckin' bastard” Colm shouted, “My fuckin' nuts feel like they are going to explode” as we helped him back to his feet.

Both Jack and Ash said that he shouldn't have locked me up, Colm just asked

“Yes you little fucker” I laughed back.

We decided to go to a small cafe just up from the car park, I had been awake for about twenty four hours, except for the odd little nap on the train, I needed a good coffee to keep me going. I removed my leathers and shorts and t-shirt, now I was just in my wettie with my trainers on, just like the others.

We were all sat around a table in the cafe when Colm zombied out. The first thing I asked
“Where's the key to this contraption” pointing at my dick.

Colm replied “in my shoe”

“Give me the key” I told him.

This was going to be difficult, it was obvious I would have to give him every little instruction.

Colm removed his shoe, un-threaded the three keys from his laces and handed them over.

We headed back to the van as quickly as we could,
“In here” I ordered Colm

Once inside, we did the obvious, I unlocked myself, then ordered Colm to put the device on himself. I was so happy to be free, my dick immediately got hard and eager, but unfortunately I had to deny myself release.

“When did you last wank?” I asked

“The morning we came down in the van” Colm replied

I thought that was somewhat amusing, he already had a weeks load built up, now he was going to be physically prevented from release. I was glad that he would get to feel what it was like.

Colm was obviously having slight difficulties installing the devil-device upon himself

“What's wrong?” I asked

“The ring is too small” He answered.

After a few directly asked questions, it turned out he had brought the whole “kit” with him, so it was a simple case of opening the draw and providing him with all of the parts.

I noticed he reached for the large cock cage, I wasn't having that
“Use the small one” I ordered.

As soon as the device was installed, I gave it a good pull and tug to make sure it fitted well (although I was no expert), it seemed secure so I ordered Colm to put his wettie, socks and trainers back on.

We emerged from the van, well Colm had to be told to get out of it. I asked if anyone had an envelope
“I've got an old wage packet” Ash said

“That will do” I said as I put the keys to the chastity device in it.

I asked Colm his address and wrote on the back of the wage packet. We all walked up the street to a post box I had seen.

“You haven't put a stamp on it” Jack remarked.

“I know, the post office will send a card, then it will have to be collected and paid for.” I laughed “Oh, and it slows everything down by a couple of days”

“Fuck dude, it will serve him right if those keys get lost in the post” Ash giggled

It then occurred to me, I should have loaded Colm up on those make-me-really-horny tablets. We headed back to the van, unfortunately, on the way back

“Bastard! Fuckin' twat, bastard” Came from Colm

I looked around to see him feeling his trapped cock through his wettie.

“Oh come on Dude, at least I warmed it for you” I laughed

“If I was him” Ash said nodding towards me, “I would have sent the keys to the North Pole or something”

Three of us laughed, one was just too busy tugging and pulling at the thing.

“He said he hasn't wanked all week” I laughed to Ash and Jack

Ash replied “Little fucker, kept me locked for months, you shouldn't have sent him the keys”

“I didn't” I grinned

“WHAT!!” Colm screamed

“And that is why” I laughed “I sent them somewhere else, I just wanted to see your face when you got to find out!”

There was lots of pleading, questions, begging, more pleading, from Colm, but I refused to tell him where the keys were going.

“Ok then Dudes, who's going to teach me to surf?” I asked

Colm wanted to carry on pleading, but I think we had all had enough of it,
“We'll discuss it tonight, after a few beers” I said before continuing “if you keep moaning, the lock-up gets longer!”

Ash loved that, he really wanted Colm to be locked up for months like he was.

“You do realise, that Colm's nuts are now off-limits” I said to Ash with a hand on his shoulder.

Ash looked quite depressed at the thought for a second or two, before slapping my nuts with the back of his hand in a playful, yet slightly painful way

“I've still got yours and Jacks to play with” Ash grinned.

We all got the boards off the van roof, the one that they decided would be good for me was a little wider than the rest, apparently it would be easier to control and more stable for a beginner.

“Can you skate?” Colm asked as we walked down to the beach

“I haven't tried for a while, but I can just about manage on inline skates, nothing fancy; move, turn and stop” I replied

Jack laughed “I think he meant skateboard”

“Oh, in that case, I haven't tried since I was about six years old. So I don't know. I'd give it a try” I said

Apparently, if you can skateboard, getting the hang of surfing is a bit easier. No one knew if inline skates would be of help, but it was decided I may have some improved sense of balance. I suppose the conversation was quite irrelevant, “time would tell” as granny would say.

For the first hour, all I did was lay on the board and constantly jump up and land on me feet. Colm was teaching me, well, he showed me once or twice and for the last hour only seemed to use the word “again” about a thousand times.

“Get it right next time” He said after picking up my shoe.

When I was not quite up to his expectations, he lobbed my shoe into the sea.

“You've got twenty seconds to go and get it, take the board with you” Colm said while Ash laughed

I grabbed the board and sprinted off as fast as I could, I returned out of breath and with the bottom few inches of my wetsuit wet with water – this was a first!

“You looked good” Jack said

“Almost like a surfer” Ash chirped

Jack and Ash went for a surf, while Colm insisted I continue practising getting on my feet.

Initially, my wet feet seemed to grip the board better, but as they and the sand on them dried out, it was more like the sand was acting as a kind of lubricant, which made things a little harder. Things got even harder with I saw Colm pick up my other shoe.

“Lift the board up” he instructed.

Colm placed the shoe under the board, now when I jumped up it wobbled in all sorts of directions.

Jack returned and said to me “Ah, I see you have progressed”

At least I felt as if I was getting somewhere.

Ash returned and saw what was happening and said to Colm while nodding at the sea
“Good idea, I never thought of making the board move. It should help when he gets out there”

My hair looked as wet as Ash's and Jack's, sweat was dripping off me, who would have thought that going from lying on my stomach to standing on my feet would have been so exhausting.

After what seemed like another hour, it was time for lunch. Jack had been up to the shop and had returned with a carrier bag of sandwiches and four giant cups of coffee.

I was grateful for the rest and I was actually very hungry. I ate quickly and soon finished the coffee, next thing I knew, I was having a cup of sea water thrown into my face. I had been asleep for the last two hours, one of the side effects of the overnight train journey and all the exercise this morning.

“Fuck, what” I spluttered as the others laughed

“Time to get you in the sea” Colm grinned

“Yea, get the wettie wet” Ash said

“Cool” was about all I managed, still somewhat disorientated

“Most importantly, you need to wash you hair” Jack said passing me a bottle of shampoo

I was now fully awake! “What?”

Ash was kind enough to old up a box of hair dye, “Beach blonde” it had written on it.

I reached for my head and felt a sticky substance on it.

“Bastards!!” I shouted

They all laughed

“OK, who came up with the idea – I want to know who to payback” I asked

No one took credit for the idea, it was just something that that had come up with earlier in the week. Colm thought he would have to drug me and then do the deed, but seeing how soundly I was sleeping, they thought that they would just do it, there and then.

“Don't worry Dude” Ash said, before explaining “it is just a few sun-kissed blonde high lights. You'll look great and look like you've been on the beach all summer”

Colm looked at his phone and said “Go wash it off, NOW, leave it much longer and your hair will be so blonde it will look white” while pointing towards the sea.

I didn't waste any time, I dashed into the sea, got my hair wet and then liberally applied the Head and Shoulders (the stuff doesn't foam up in salt water, something else I learned). After a few washes to make sure all the dye was removed I made sure my wetsuit was also free from dye by rubbing some of the shampoo around the neck, chest and shoulders and giving a good rinse with sea water.

I ran out of the sea, even with a wetsuit it felt cold.

“Dude, you look great. You'll have them queueing up!” Jack said

“Yep, a little wax or gel or something and you will look so hot!” Ash remarked

Someone took a close up picture of my head on their camera, which quite frankly was a rubbish photo, so I dashed up to the car park and had a good look in a mirror on the first car I came across. I have to admit, whoever did it, knew what they were doing, my hair looked great.

“So who did it then?” I asked

They all looked a little unsure as to what would happen next, but Colm gingerly held his finger up like a little boy wanting to ask a teacher a question.

I walked, briskly, up to him and gave him a big hug
“Love it Dude!” I said

I physically felt him breath a sigh of relief, I also felt the hardness of the chastity device. I put my hand onto the device and rubbed it really hard and fast.

“Ohhh” escaped Colm's lips

I looked back at both Jack and Ash, their wetsuits may be slightly hiding things, but there was a distinct sausage shape in both of them, each also wore a massive grin.

I continued vibrating Colm for a few more seconds, he was obviously enjoying the feelings, but Jack, Ash and I all knew from experience, getting a nice feeling was one thing, but all you would really get was frustrated, that thing would not allow anything else.

I stopped,
“Oh.” Colm said sounding disappointed, followed by “fuck, my dick hurts”, followed by “shit, it really hurts”

We all advised him to nip into the sea to cool off. That water should make anything shrink!

“Dude, your evil” Ash grinned at me

I walked over to him, placed my hand on his groin and gave his already hard member a little rub
“Ahhh” he said as his hips pushed forward increasing the pressure from my hand.

I took that as a cue to stop. “How evil?” I asked

“Fuck, you are such a tease, fucking Devil evil!” Ash replied

Jack just lay there on the beach laughing.

“So, anyone want to take over the surfing lessons?” I asked.

Apparently, that would have been a bad idea. Colm was teaching me and the others did not want to upset him by taking over. There was supposed to be some kind of “special bond” between surf teacher and student.
“Yea, you're both as evil as each other!” Ash said.

“Look who's talking” Jack said “we're all as bad as one another. You crabbed him for fucks sake”

For the rest of the afternoon, I got to go in the water and try surfing. I did manage to stand briefly a couple of times and quite a few of the other surfers said I was doing really well for what was obviously my first try.

Colm and the others seemed very pleased with my progress. We got back to Jack's van and I was more exhausted than ever.

“I've got an incentive for you tomorrow, listen to this” Colm said to me as he walked over to Ash.

Colm put both hands on Ash's shoulders, Ash moved his hands to protect his balls.
“I promise I will not hurt you. Trust me and put your hands on your head. You will like this next bit”

“I don't trust you!” Ash said

“If I hurt you, you can keep the keys to my cock and release me whenever you like, or not release me” Colm said

Ash obviously decided it was worth the risk, his hands slowly went to his head.

I wasn't sure what the hell was going on, but I listened.

“Teaching is about trust, Ash trusts me – a little, do you trust me?” Colm asked me

“I little” I laughed.

Colm looked right into Ash's eyes and said “Every five times he falls off his board tomorrow, you get to slap him in the nuts.”

“Fuck” I said

“I haven't finished yet.” Colm said “and every fifty times, you can kick, knee or punch him really hard in the nuts”

Ash was grinning from ear to ear. I was somewhat nervous about the idea, but had to acknowledge, it was one hell of an incentive.

We all put our shorts and t-shirts over our wetties and headed out for an evening meal. Colm had really pushed out the boat, he had reserved us a table and arranged everything, we had beer, wine, starter, main course, pudding, and more alcohol.

It was not a posh restaurant, more of a high class cafe, so shorts and t-shirts were not out of place. The food was great, as was the company. Colm said that he had some of his legal highs in the van for afterwards.

The meal took all night, literally about three hours. When we got back to the van, I was almost sleeping on my feet, I had been up for something like forty hours, with only a short nap or two.

I wasn't sure how four were going to sleep in the van, but Jack just said I could have the left bed (there was a little bed on each side and room for someone to sleep in the middle on the floor). I didn't care, it had been a long day; travelling, getting my cock free, locking Colm up, surfing, getting my hair dyed, more surfing, dinner. I just jumped on the bed, I didn't even take my trainers off, I just went straight to sleep.

-------- END OF PART 6 ---------

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Re: New surfer friends in Skegness - part 6 - Cornwall

Post by alfiej_uk » Sun May 18, 2014 10:24 pm

like it lots - how long are they on Cornwall? ;)

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Re: New surfer friends in Skegness - part 6 - Cornwall

Post by Jamie6369 » Sun May 18, 2014 11:15 pm

Not long, this takes place on the Saturday, so we have Sunday and then back to Skegness on the Bank Holiday Monday (although they may leave quite late on the Monday, after some surfing - I don't know yet).

Someone did mention to me that these stories may not be totally popular with people from Skegness :lol:

On a related note - I've never been to Cornwall :cry:

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Re: New surfer friends in Skegness - part 6 - Cornwall

Post by SZ » Tue May 20, 2014 6:33 pm

wonder what he would do if he lost his trainers or other clothes for that matter or got locked back in the wetsuit, and i hope they keep him smooth and if not in the wetsuit in something equally as tight and revealing

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Re: New surfer friends in Skegness - part 6 - Cornwall

Post by Jamie6369 » Tue May 20, 2014 10:19 pm

Who do you want kept smooth?

If I remember right, it is just me/the narrator and Ash who had the hair remover treatment or do you want Colm hairless as well?

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Re: New surfer friends in Skegness - part 6 - Cornwall

Post by SZ » Thu May 22, 2014 6:16 pm

could be good for colm to be made smooth as well but then maybe some retaliation may go one with everyone ending up being kept smooth.

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