New surfer friends in Skegness - part 8 - Cornwall day 3

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New surfer friends in Skegness - part 8 - Cornwall day 3

Post by Jamie6369 » Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:01 pm

I thought I better finish this story off - as always I make it up as I type, so please forgive the odd inconsistency.

This is Day 3 in Cornwall and the trip back to Skegness.

Hope you like it :D

I get woken up at about five thirty in the morning by Colm, gently shaking my arm

“Jamie, Dude, wake up” I hear him whispering as I slowly come out of my sleep.

It appears I must be a very sound sleeper, as by the time I get awake, Ash and Jack have also been woken. Colm doesn't notice and says to me
“Dude, it hurts. Like really hurts” He whines, gesturing towards his locked up cock.

That's when Ash and Jack start sniggering, hardly awake, I can make out their large smiles, revelling in the discomfort their friend is going through.

“Why wake me, we all know the cure” I said pointing at Jack and Ash.

“But you're the only one to have had the horny tablets” Colm whined, grabbing the chastity device through his wetsuit.

“Just go have a piss, you'll feel better” I said as I turned over to continue sleeping.

I heard Jack and Ask both confirm the solution, then I heard the van door. Next thing I knew it was about 8am. Jack was already up and about, actually he was outside of the van waxing his surfboard, I joined him and once again learnt something new, you don't just plaster the stuff on, you have to make it an even coat of wax, then polish it, a similar technique to polishing an oak table.

“Coffee?” I asked Jack

“Yea, that would be great. You better get four, Col and Ash will be up and about soon” Jack replied.

I took a wonder up to the cafe, wearing just my wettie, I thought about how natural it felt (as well as lovely and warm!) A few days ago, I would have covered up with some shorts and t-shirt, but now I felt fine in just the wettie.

I returned to the van, Jack was soon drinking his coffee, I stuck my head into the van, Colm and Ash were both still sleeping on the van floor, more or less in each others arms, except Ash's right hand was resting on Colm's crotch – I guess he was probably dreaming about squeezing testicles!

I quietly opened up the “medicine” cabinet and grabbed a few tablets; zombie, horny, hyper and giggly, I didn't really know anything about the last two, but carelessly dropped them all in Colm's mocha. I suppose if I was being kind, I would have dropped “soft cock” into the drink!

Jack and I went for a surf, banging on the side of the van to wake the others as we left. I don't know why, I think my brain must learn by the previous days mistakes while I sleep, but I was surfing much better than I had the previous day. I still fell off a good few times, but I really felt as if I was getting the hang of it.

After about half an hour, we returned to the van so we could all go and get breakfast.

“What was in the coffee?” Ash asked

“Nothing in yours, he has got his daily horny tablet though” I answered nodding at Colm

“Bastard, I was so fucking hard when I woke you it was so fucking painful” Colm answered with a giggle

“Now you know what its like” Ash laughed

“You'll get used to it after nine months” Jack said with a huge smile.

Colm just laughed, and kept laughing at almost everything.

We headed towards the cafe, when suddenly the laughing stopped

“What did you give him” Ash asked Jack

“Not me” was his short reply, Ash looked at me with his right eyebrow raised

“All sorts” I grinned

“Col. Run back to the van, remove your wettie and trainers, then take the shaving stuff run down to the beach and shave yourself from the neck down. Start with your groin, the bit between your balls and arse, then armpits. Do it as fast as you can, when you are hairless, return the shaving stuff to the van, put your wettie and trainers back on and come to the cafe” I said

Colm was off like a rocket.

“Dude, you are way cruel” Ash laughed and said “I love you.”

“What else did you give him?” Jack chuckled

“Erm, only horny, zombie, hyper and giggly” I replied

“Fuck dude, he's going to be running around laughing all morning!” Ash laughed.

We resumed our journey towards the cafe, minus one who was probably on the beach by now.

Breakfast took a while, Ash asked how many times I had fallen off my board that morning, neither me or Jack knew, but we guessed about six or seven times. Next thing I knew I felt a foot in my balls, I had not seen it coming, how Ash knew exactly where to kick was a bit of a mystery.

“Fuck dude” I squeeked as the air rushed out of my lungs.

“Deadly accurate” Jack laughed.

After a couple of minutes I was feeling much better, so offered Ash a deal
“No counting, no more ball shots; I don't want sore balls when riding that bike four hundred miles.” I said

Ash seemed a little down, and replied
“But that's how...”

I cut him off and continued
“Instead, just two hard hits – like the one I got for falling off fifty times.”

Ash's face lit up and a big smile formed, until I burst his bubble a bit by saying
“Not now. Some other time.”

“Oh, OK then” He agreed (agreed far too easily I thought, I was expecting more resistance to the idea)

We saw Colm walking, well more like running, towards the cafe, wearing his wettie.

“Well, that's a good sign, he's dressed” Jack observed.

“He's going to be well pissed” Ash also observed

“Hi Dude.” I said as he approached the table.

“You bastard” Colm said, looking directly at me laughing.

“So, how far did you get before the zombie wore off” Ash laughed

We had all finished our breakfasts, so I called the waitress over and ordered more coffee for myself, Ash and Jack, while Colm ordered his breakfast.

After the waitress left, Jack said to Colm
“So? How far did you get?”

Colm told us the whole story, he spoke really fast and kept giggling, but essentially he managed to shave his groin, armpits, the bit under his balls and his arms before the drug wore off. His groin took a while, pulling and pushing the skin of his ball sack through the chastity device to try and get as much as possible.

Colm looked at me, laughing and asked “I'm well fuckin' hyped – what else did you give me?”

“Zombie, Horny, Giggly and Hyper” I grinned

“Cool” Colm grinned as he ate really fast.

“On a serious note.” I said and saw the others look slightly concerned “No drugs or hits to the bollocks today. I want a clear head, to be thinking about road when we head back, not my balls.”

The others nodded in agreement, so I added “Same for him” as I nodded towards Jack who would be driving his van all the way back.

“No!” Ash almost screamed

I appears he had remembered the original deal to keep me awake during the trip back – every time was stopped, Colm and Jack would get a boot in the balls.

Colm's balls were now off limits, due to the chastity device, so Colm obviously thought Jack getting nutted at every stop was a good idea. It was decided that Jack would get nutted at every stop, and Colm would have to have some of his home made pharmaceuticals as decided by Ash, but the delivery of them could be spread out a little.

We were having a nice, relaxed breakfast, but Colm wanted to get surfing, he really was hyper, like a five year old kid who had just had about six glasses of red, fizzy drink.

Three of us walked to the beach, the other ran, by the time the rest of us got there Colm was out on the waves.

There were people everywhere, expected on a holiday Monday I suppose. We surfed all day, Jack went to the cafe at lunch time and brought us back a mountain of food and coffee, ten minutes later and I was back in the sea. I really loved this surfing thing, I was still pretty rubbish, but at least I could now stand and steer my board.

Colm stopped running around and laughing around lunch time and spent the rest of the afternoon dozing in the sun on the beach. I think the hyperactivity had worn him out!

Ash and Jack both spent a lot of time in the sea, Ash and I were having much more fun now that we were not counting how many times I was falling off my board!

With hindsight, we should have followed Colm's example and had an easy day, at around 5pm we decided we should start preparing for the trip home, Ash, Jack and I were all quite exhausted. We went back to the van and emptied the rubbish bin and made sure all the cabinets and cupboards were securely closed.

I removed my wettie, it felt a bit odd to be out of it. I put my shorts and t-shirt on, the motorbike leathers could wait until after we ate. Colm, Ash and Jack also changed into their “normal” clothes, if you can describe wettie with t-shirt and shorts (or trackies in Ash's case) on top as “normal”.

We headed back to our favourite cafe for a final meal before the trip home

“Having something to eat now means we won't need to stop as much” Jack grinned at Ash

Ash did look somewhat disappointed, but it suited me to get a good long way before having to stop.

Colm went up to the counter, and brought back four huge cups of coffee. We had about finished them when he announced
“The coffee has a couple of extra shots of caffeine in it, so much for not having to stop often” he grinned

This seemed to make Ash perk up a bit!

I did remind Colm that every time we stopped, was another dose of drugs for him.

“Shit, I didn't think about that, I just want to see him get nutted loads” Colm laughed, nodding in Jacks direction whilst subconsciously his hand went down to his locked up groin.

Ash grinned, as granny would say, “like a Cheshire cat”

That was it, holiday over, I'd learnt to surf, we had all fucked up each other in various ways, now it was time for the trip home. I felt a little depressed, I had really enjoyed myself, and I also felt a little apprehensive about a four hundred mile motorbike ride.

We all went to the toilet before leaving – Jack insisted!

I pulled on my bike leathers and snugly zipped them to the top

“Dude, you look well cool” Jack said

“Fuck that, he looks well hot!” Ash smiled.

“Toys!” Colm announced as he reached into the van and lifted a floor panel to get to a storage compartment.

Jack laughed “There would be, it wouldn't be the same unless there was some sort of gadget”

The compartment was quite large, I noticed a helmet, gloves, a jacket rammed in there and lots of wires and two way radios.

The radios were second hand, but were complete and proper motorbike ones, I popped one into the inside pocket of my jacket, a wire and earpiece with microphone to my helmet and another wire went down my left arm and went to a switch, which we velcro-ed onto the left handlebar. I was very impressed that just up the wire was a connection, then if I came off the bike, the connection would just pull apart and I would not be attached to the bike (although if that happened, the thin wire would probably just snap anyway)

“So, who's coming on the bike then” I said as I nodded towards the bike stuff in the storage compartment.

“Really?” Colm asked before continuing “I only packed it in case one of us wanted to have a play on the beach on it”

“Yep, not a problem, if someone wants to get on the back it is fine by me” I replied

Jack immediately ruled himself out “I've got to drive the van” he declared

Ash simply said to Colm “I will go on the bike then – or you get horny tablets every time we stop”

I could tell Colm really didn't like that idea.

“Hey, it's not a problem. We've got hundreds of mile to go, you can both have a go on the back” I chipped in.

“It's going to be light for the next couple of hours, when it gets dark, I'll ride solo” I added

Ash decided he would go first, grabbed the jacket and a radio and started threading the wire down his arm.

The first ten miles or so was on single carriage way roads, the bike was handling very well and Ash was a good passenger – leaning into the bends. The radios were working well, the one they had in the van was set to voice mode, so every time Colm or Jack spoke, me and Ash could hear what they were saying and join the conversation.

The next part of the journey was on a dual carriage way, all the way to Exeter, the bike happily ticked along at around 75-80mph (yes, I know the speed limit was 70 mph!), the van on the other hand was thrashing its guts out, but kept up quite well. We discovered that the radios worked even over a good gap of a couple of miles.

I was getting colder by the mile, Ash who was wearing his wettie under his trackies and motorbike jacket said he felt warm enough, so we stopped near Exeter. It had been a couple of hours and I was certainly ready to empty my swollen bladder and get warm.

We stopped at a rest area with a petrol station and a “Little Chef” cafe. I hadn't really thought about it until now, but it turned out the bike was running on fumes, the petrol tank was nearly empty.

As I filled the motorbike, I heard a “oomph” sort of sound, I turned to see in the car park, Colm standing behind Jack. Colm had his arm under Jack's, Jack's arms were up high and Colm's hands clasped behind Jack's neck. Colm had also, somehow intertwined his legs around Jack's and forced them widely apart. Jack was standing, but spread eagle.

I could see Ash grinning from what must have been twenty yards away, Jack had obviously gotten his balls booted and somehow Colm was still holding him in place.

“Hey, that was supposed to be my entertainment – I missed it” I shouted

“We'll do it again then, just pay fast and get here. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold him” Colm shouted back.

Despite the distance, I could see the horror on Jack's face. I could also see Ash physically jumping up and down in anticipation of giving Jack a second kick in as many minutes!

I returned from paying for the petrol to hear Ash saying
“I could give him another to weaken him up a bit, then give him another when Jamie arrives”

I walked up and said to Ash
“You really are a cruel bastards at times.” I grinned and continued “fuck, I love you all”

Within a second Jack was on the ground, gasping small amounts of air into his lungs. A couple of seconds later and we all saw the tell tale sighs that Jack was also desperate for a piss, the blue shorts that he had pulled on over his wettie started to get wet, not really where you expect them to get wet, but where the neoprene was stitched between his legs and also around his left hip, where the leg was stitched to the torso of the wetsuit.

“Yes! Bladder busted” Ash shouted out

“Dude you nailed that sucker hard” A voice came from behind, we turned to see a teenager grinning from ear to ear as he made his way back to his parents car.

Ash laughed back at the lad “What's the point unless you give it your all”

Colm and I picked Jack up, Colm had to distance himself from the small stream that came out of his left leg, half went into his shoe, the rest started heading towards Colm's feet as it ran across the car park.

“Bastard” Jack said to Ash, with a little smile.

“I won't kick you next time we stop. Promise” Ash laughed

“Dude, you're going to stink” Ash giggled

“But who's sharing a van with him?” Colm grinned

Time was getting on, so even with wet shorts, a wet left foot and generally an air of pain, we carted Jack into the service area where we all had a coffee.

Before we left Jack bought a couple of bottles of water and as soon as we got into the car park tipped them down the neck of his wetsuit to wash the piss out.

“Fuck that's cold” he shivered and wondered aloud with a smile “why do these places always keep the water in the fridge?”

We all laughed, and headed back towards the van and the motorbike. Ash took off his trackies and Colm put them on rather than wear his shorts on the bike. Together with the jacket and helmet, my new passenger looked identical to the last one!

I asked Ash if I could borrow his wettie, it was thinner than mine and I thought it would be easier to ride in under my leathers.

“We can do better than that” Jack said as he opened up another storage compartment in the van (no wonder no one could wear anything except the clothes they wore, the van was full of stuff).

He pulled out a lovely black and silver suit marked 2XU Velocity V:3 – it had some kind of ribbed feature on the belly and chest and looked like a superhero should be wearing it.

Jack looked towards the others, Ash smiled, Colm said “Yep, fine with me.”

Colm then looked towards me and said “That fucker cost a fortune, if you break it, he gets to hit you in the nuts until he is bored with doing so” he nodded towards Ash.

Ash's face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. I know what he was hoping for!

“Well, I'd rather not wear it then, I get the impression he would never get bored of kicking nuts” I nodded towards Ash, before asking “What else you got?”

Eventually, it was decided I could wear the superhero wettie without any penalty if I broke it (although I have no idea how you could break a wetsuit). I climbed into the back of the van and then climbed into the wettie.

I jumped out of the van in just the wetsuit and asked
“How do I look?”

“Fuck dude, you look so hot” Ash exclaimed

I could see a bulge appear in Colm's trackies, then I saw pain on his face as the chastity device did its worse.

“I gotta get out of here” Colm said as he walked to the front of the van and got into the passenger seat.

Jack and Ash really laughed at seeing Colm in so much pain, we had all felt it before, now it was Colm's turn. Jack shouted to him
“Never mind, only another nine months to go”

We all heard a bit of a grown and found it really funny. I walked around to the front of the van and Colm covered his eyes! We found that funny too!

We could have tortured Colm all night, but needed to make a move, so I climbed into my leathers and a couple of minutes later were heading up the road, this time I had Colm on the back of the bike, who unfortunately wanted to keep upright whilst going around bends, but he soon got the hang of leaning into them.

It was good to get off the A30 and on to the M5 motorway, a good long, fast road, I think most of the holiday weekend traffic had already returned home earlier in the day, meaning we had a clear run. We didn't stop until we were somewhere around Birmingham, about 150 miles from our last stop a couple of hours ago.

I was ready for a walk around, so we stopped at another rest area and filled the bike and ourselves, Colm bought us all two extra-large coffees
“To make sure we have to stop again” He laughed at Jack

It was now dark, so I said I would prefer to go the rest of the way without a passenger on the back of the bike, I did offer Jack a chance of a ride when we got to the Nottingham area, as I knew the roads quite well from that point, but he declined.

We had made good time, but it was now around 11pm, so we headed back onto the roads.

It wasn't too long before all the coffee kicked in and we had to stop somewhere near Leicester. Jack was doing his business, standing at the urinal, the top half of his wettie folded down, when Ash kicked him in the balls from behind. Jack almost ended up with his head in the thing! I was standing at the next one along, there was piss flying everywhere, I only just managed to step to my right in time.

“Dude, that's a bit unfair” I said to Ash

“My fucking trainers got pissed on!” was all he replied.

After we got back into the top half of our wetsuits, we picked Jack up, sat him on a toilet and closed the door. Ash and I both left the bathroom, leaving Jack recovering in private.

Next stop was my house in Lincoln, where we had a discussion about what to do next; stay here overnight, go to Skegness and me stay there overnight, or go to Skegness and me return back to Lincoln.

Oddly, in all of our planning, we had not thought about the logistics of the end of the journey. The last option was not an option, if I went to Skegness, there was no way I could get back until the first train in the morning.

Colm looked around and said
“Nice pad. How many beds you got?”

“Five” I grinned before continuing “it is a four bedroom house, but one of the rooms has bunk beds”

Jack spoke up, nodding towards Colm
“You and Ash could have the same room” he grinned

“So, are we staying here, or are we going to Skeg?” I asked

“You got food?” Ash asked

It was after 1am by this time, so food was not too much of an issue, however I since Ash had brought the subject up, I was starving!

I removed my leathers and had to agree, I looked well hot in this superhero inspired wetsuit!

We piled into the kitchen, Colm made himself a great pile of cheese on toast, Ash was busy raiding the tins and eventually settled for baked beans on toast, while Jack and me shared a pizza that was in the fridge.

We all had a couple of beers and were about to head for bed when Colm said to Ash
“You do realise, this is another stop” grinning like an idiot.

Jack sighed, stood up and spread his legs wide and inviting.

“Kneeling dude” Ash laughed

As Jack knelt on the floor Ash said laughing
“Last one of the night may as well be one that he still feels in the morning”

With that, all humour left Ash and he became ultra focused. He ran the two or three steps between himself and Jack and planted his foot, more than firmly, into Jack's balls.

Jack went with an odd squealing type of sound and ended up on his side in the foetal position, I could see him starting to heave and thought he might throw up all over my carpet.

I grabbed him under his arms, which, while covered in neoprene, felt really warm, but not damp or sweaty, obviously it would be a different matter on the inside! Anyway, I hauled him up back into the kneeling position he had been in a couple of seconds earlier. I leant down and looked him right in the eyes and said, pointing at Ash
“You throw up on my carpet – he gets to do that again!”

“Cruel!” Colm laughed then said “you really are one of us!”

I could see Jack was still wrestling with trying to settle his churning stomach, his cheeks kept puffing out slightly as if he was going to be sick.

“He going to blow” Ash announced, more or less bouncing up and down with excitement.

“He deserves a break” Colm said as he stepped towards Jack.

Colm grabbed Jack's wrist, looked at it and pressed his thumb really firmly into the skin a little further up to where the pulse is usually taken. He then reached down and rammed a finger into the back of Jack's knee.

I had no idea what he was doing, and it obviously showed. Jack however had stopped his slight convulsions.

Colm looked at me and said
“Pressure points – although through a wettie, you really need a lot of pressure!”

Ash let out a disappointed sigh.

“Feeling better?” Colm asked Jack.

“Fuckin nuts bounced off my kidneys!” Jack tried to laugh.

“Good enough” Colm smiled as he released Jack.

“Yes!” Ash proudly exclaimed. “Can't beat swollen balls in a sweaty wettie”

We decided it was bedtime, Ash really liked the idea of Jack going to sleep with the “afterglow of a good kick in the nuts.”

All of the beds in the house were already made up, I had them all covered with sheets to prevent them getting dusty, but from covered to ready only took a couple of seconds. I showed them to the bedrooms and where the bathroom was.

“Wetties on or off?” Jack asked me.

I looked a bit puzzled so he explained
“We're well smelly in these things, if we take them off, you will have to wash the bedding afterwards”

“You're my guests – do what ever you prefer” I replied

“Wetties on!” Colm laughed.

I shouldn't have been too surprised, we all loved wearing the things.

“You'll just have to spray some Frebeeze on the beds, otherwise they may smell a little rubbery” Ash said.

Colm quipped “The voice of experience!”

“Now for your experience” Ash grinned at Colm rattling a load of pill containers.

“Go on then, lets do this” Colm laughed

Ash fed Colm a couple of horny tablets and a zombie to account for the three stops we have made during the journey, about ten minutes later, Colm got that expressionless, glazed look.

“Now for the fun – what are you going to make him do?” Jack asked Ash.

“Not a lot” was the reply with a large grin.

Ash instructed Colm to go to the van and get the hand and leg cuffs. He also asked for Colm phone and the unlock code.

Colm was told to strip down to his wetsuit – not hard, there wasn't much on top of it, Ash then taped Colm's phone to his wettie right on his locked up dick and balls.

“Can I use your leathers” Ash asked.

“Go for it dude” I laughed.

Within minutes Colm was wearing my motorbike leathers on top of his wetsuit, only a minute or two later, he was secured, spread eagle, to one of the beds (the easiest one to attach the cuffs to).

“Good night” Ash said to Colm as he turned the light off and we all left the bedroom.

“The phone is on vibrate isn't it?” Jack grinned

Ash confirmed that it was and that he had set up a load of alarms to vibrate during the night.

“Thanks Dude” we heard Colm shout as we were all preparing for bed – obviously the zombie had worn off.

I saw Ash on the landing, phone in hand, a couple of seconds later we heard frustrating moans from Colm's room.

“Fuck, that sounds good” I grinned at Ash as I turned to walk into my bedroom.

“Dude” Ash said

I turned around and replied “What is...” before his bare foot crashed into my balls. I swear I heard a thump in my ears as my balls came to an abrupt stop when they hit my pelvis.

As I was rolling on the floor, Ash bent down, twisted my hands behind my back and slapped a pair of handcuffs on. I found out later, that while I was consumed with my pain, he had actually gone and got them from the van.

“No wanking Dude” He giggled. “Jeez, you must be ready to pop, a boot to the nuts and you're still hard”

Ash manhandled me onto my feet and into my room, he plonked me on the bed, one hand on my groin, while the other undid the handcuffs.

“You try anything and I'll squeeze until you cum” Ash grinned

I was secured in a more comfortable way, hands attached to the headboard.

“There you go” Ash grinned “Oops, almost forgot” he said as he rushed out of the room.

He came back with some tape and my phone. Five minutes later and I knew what Colm was feeling, he sat next to me on the bed and rang my phone.

I was so ready to cum, my hips were gyrating, but I couldn't do anything to help myself. I pleaded with Ash “Let me cum dude, please, it has been weeks!”

Ash just grinned and said “I'm off to bed now – have fun” as he switched off the light and left the room.

A second later, the door opened and he was back, explaining
“Oh, you are in a far better state than Colm – he can not release with that thing locked on him. You might.”

Even with the light out, I knew he was grinning from ear-to-ear!

Ash must have rung my phone about twenty times in the next half hour, he was right, I did cum, it felt as if I unloaded a pint of the stuff into the wettie – yes, the wettie that Colm was so protective about, but I didn't care, it felt so good. I could literally feel it trickling between my legs, it felt warm and slimy.

After cuming, I just faded off to sleep, I don't know if Ash kept ringing my phone, if he did, I didn't feel it. I did feel it again around 10am, I was woken up with vibrating groin, a huge erection and the sight of Ash looking at me with his phone in his hand, grinning.

“Wakey, wakey” He said and announced “breakfast is ready”

I was released, I could have done with a morning wank, but there was none of that, Ash literally dragged me down stairs.

Jack and Colm were already there, still dressed in their sleeping attire – wetsuits. There was a mountain of food.

“You didn't have much food, I've been shopping. And cooking” Colm announced.

I did have to wonder if he had been shopping dressed only in his wettie, I think he probably had, but never asked, I just sat down and ate.

Colm recounted his sleeping problems – by the sounds of it, his phone had been vibrating until about 4am, when it ran out of batteries, but at about 6am, Colm had been woken by a painful attempt to get erect (I knew what that felt like and literally laughed out loud!).

I recounted my nights sleep at the hands of Ash – which both Colm and Jack found quite funny. It appears the only one who had a good nights sleep was Jack, who had slept for about seven hours.

Breakfast over and it was time to hit the road, we left Lincoln about 10:30am. This time I had Ash back on the back of the bike again, not sure why, I think he had threatened Colm! We were all still in out wetties, except I had some leathers over the top.

Traffic was light and we quickly made our way up the A158, at Horncastle I pulled into a cafe

“Why we stopped” Colm asked over the radio

“So you can get another tablet and your driver can get another kick in the nuts!” I laughed

“Yes!” I heard Ash say.

Jack had a quick knee to the nuts, the rest of us had a quick coffee, by which time Jack was back on his feet.

We got to Skegness about lunch time. Jack took the lead and I followed with Colm on the back of the bike, we were all heading for his place. Colm's house was quite large, I knew his address, but it didn't mean anything to me. As we approached, both garage doors opened, jack drove his van into the left, and me and Colm rode into the right one.

There was not much inside, but what was in there did not surprise me too much after the last few days; several wetsuits, diving tanks, goggles etc, a few motorbike clothes and what looked like quite a lot of hand and leg cuffs hanging on a single hook on the wall.

Colm quickly showed me around his house while Jack and Ash got ready for work.

“Do you all live here?” I queried

“No, but we might as well, both Ash and Jack have got clothes, toiletries, and a room each, but officially they have their own houses.” Colm answered as he opened a door

“And this is the lab. Well my home lab” Colm proudly announced.

I don't know anything about labs, but it looked well equipped with various machines, microscopes, computers etc.

The others arrived back and Colm headed off to get ready for work. We all had a sandwich each, when I realised that I was the only one still in a wettie (and leathers).

“I better get changed myself” I announced to puzzled looks

“I've still got you expensive wettie on” I answered

A few minutes later and I was back to just my leathers.

“You still look hot in those” Jack smiled.

“Yea, I don't have any shorts or anything, so this is what I'll have to wear in the train” I said

The others grinned, they obviously liked the idea.

During the trip back to the railway station, I gave Colm four weeks off his chastity for the surfing lessons he had given me. Jack added four weeks on for drugging and shaving him! Making the total back up to nine months of chastity.

Ash banned Colm from using any drugs to help him through his chastity and I got the feeling Colm would comply with the order.

I pointed out that I was still insured on the bike for the best part of another month,
“Great” Colm said “it needs some work, can you get back soon and take it to the garage”

We agreed that I would return soon, as I was leaving Jack grabbed my arms from behind (I hadn't even seen him get out of the van), Ash back-handed my balls and Colm chucked a couple of tablets in my mouth.

“Swallow” Jack whispered in my ear as he clamped his hand over my mouth and nose.

He obviously felt me gulp as he soon released me.

“What the fuck was that?” I laughed.

“There was one 'horny' and two 'limp dick', don't worry, you'll be able to wank by this evening, well, probably quite late this evening.” Colm grinned.

“Bastards” I laughed.

We all hugged and I got on the train heading for Lincoln. After about fifteen minutes or so, I did indeed feel really horny, actually incredibly horny, but there was no movement at all below the waist!
---- E N D ------------

So that's it - I don't think there will be a part 9, the only thing I would like to do, would be to fill Colm's wetsuit with hair remover. I'll leave that to your imagination. :D

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Re: New surfer friends in Skegness - part 8 - Cornwall day 3

Post by alfiej_uk » Sat Jun 21, 2014 7:01 pm

Great end, think you've earned a couple of weeks early release - or at least a week or two's reprieve!

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Re: New surfer friends in Skegness - part 8 - Cornwall day 3

Post by Jamie6369 » Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:37 am

I'm just glad someone likes it :!:

Thanks for taking the trouble to post.

I've been unlocked for about 8 weeks now - I can feel my imagination waning. :(

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