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An Odd Feeling - Part 1

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:45 pm
by Archangel
Hey guys, since this is my 1st time writing a story. I hope you guys like it.

An Odd Feeling
So today I decided to go to the gym, it was a Friday night and I had no plans for the weekend, was been a while since I went there, had too many problems to solve and very little time on my hands. As usual, I went to the gym on my bike, since the weather was warm, I went just with a white t-shirt and a navy blue shorts. I know, I know, it’s not very safe, but I was somewhat tired to put on my biker gear. Arriving at the gym as usual, I talked with the owners for a bit, and then went to my exercises for a nearly two hours. As I was going to the reception for my wallet, I saw someone leaving the locker room, but paid little to no attention at all. Then I was outside the gym, I was in the middle of the road then someone called me.
-- Hey Gabriel!
I turned around to see who was, it was a friend,
-- hey John – I replied – what’s up?
-- look who is going to the gym – said John – was a long while since we don’t meet here.
-- yeah, I was kinda busy last month, so I could not hit the gym often. Probably on jan I will be able to go more often.
-- nice to know – he replied – listen, can you take a look at my computer? Something happened last week, there is an error coming on screen very often, I can’t work with that damm thing.
-- sure, I can take a look tomorrow – I offered.
-- you sure? Why can’t you see it today – he asked – please I need help with that!
-- cause I don’t have my laptop around, my phone I left at home and I have none of my tools – after seeing the disappointment on his face and thinking for a bit – okay, okay, I gonna go home and meet on your apartment.
-- Why don’t you go straight to my apartment now? – the sooner you fix it, the sooner you go home.
-- sure, I meet you at your apartment in a few minutes.
I went back to my bike, put the helmet, turned it on. There was something off on this talk, but since I worked with IT I had to fix computers around the city all the time. It was quick trip to John’s house. I parked my bike on the street, near the building garage, John’s was waiting for me on the garage entrance. It was a bit dark but I could see where I was going.
-- thx for coming – said John
-- no problem, I replied – I just hope is not one of those porn adware’s like last time.
He laughted
-- just look out for… -- I slipped and fell into a big oil – the oil…
-- nice, now I’m dripping oil – I said, trying to not be mad at anyone. – I hope this does not stain.
We took the elevator, and went to his apartment.
-- Gabriel, go to the bathroom, and take a shower – said John -- I will find some clothes for you to wear. I’m very sorry for that… -- he said, pointing at the oil on my t-shirt and shorts
I took a relative short shower, put my clothes on a plastic bag, so it would not drip around the house. Shortly after, I heard a knock on the door, and John handed me something.
-- you gotta be joking! – I exclaimed
-- you wont fit on any of my clothes – he said – and that wetsuit is the only thing I think can fit on your body… or you can come out naked…
-- no thank you, I will prefer using a wetsuit.
I never had the chance to wear a wetsuit, I knew John surfed then we went to the beach, but we lived on the middle of the state, so it was some good 250 miles to reach the shore.
After looking at it, was very odd, there was something like a speed bump on the back, with the zipper going on the side of it, I opened it up. Another odd thing, there was something like a cup on the crotch. Well – I thought – I think I know what goes there.
Putting on the wetsuit was relatively easy, legs first, cock in one place, balls on the other, then I put the arms on the sleeves, I found out I could not zip it up. Well, John was waiting for me outside the bathroom.
-- I could not zip it up – I said, pointing at my back
-- turn around, please – he asked – let me see.
I feel his hands on the back of the suit, then the zip going up, then he pressed something on the speed bump of the wetsuit, and I heard a click.
-- what was that? – I asked
-- it was just the sound of the zipper going up – he said – then he reach the top. So go to my computer, its on my room. I gonna make some popcorn while you work.
I headed for his room, his entire room was a mess, including his computer, he had some programs missing, some virus infections but nothing too complicated to solve. I opened a browser and started typing an address. An odd URL appeared on the list. Wetsuit something… rule number one then dealing with computers from other people, do not ask any questions you should not ask. Especially regarding things, you do not understand. I started feeling hot, most likely because of the wetsuit. Fifteen minutes later I had finished with his computer and went looking for John in his apartment.
Found him on the couch, playing on his PS3, he was with a bowl of popcorn.
-- I finished with your computer, usual thing, porn adware, trojan horses, bad uninstalled programs… just be careful then browsing the web.
-- thx bro, want some? – he said offering popcorn.
-- no thx – I was a bit hungry but I wanted to go home, wanted to rest since was nearly midnight. – well, I gotta go home, its getting late. – I said, pointing at the clock
He stood up, took the plastic bag with my clothes and said.
-- don’t worry, I give it back clean, is the least I could do. – he said
I started walking to the door, then he asked,
-- sure you don’t wanna stay for the night?
I thought for a second, but I wanted to get out of the wetsuit. I was getting hot, too hot and started to get excited… stop.
-- no thx, gotta go home. – I replied.
I took my helmet, he opened the door for me. Then we walked on the hallway heading for the elevator, he said.
-- Thx for coming – he said – Also I don’t think my phone is working and the intercom of the building is malfunctioning too. I see you tomorrow. I gonna wake up at 10:00 am.
-- You welcome bro, I gonna come back on Monday, tomorrow I’m planning on going on a bike ride. – why did he said that, I thought
-- Sure Gabriel, cya – he replied with a smile on his face. Then the doors of the elevator started closing. He warned -- Don’t pee on it. You won’t like the smell.
-- what? … the doors closed, elevator started moving
The bike ride back to my house was quick. I was tired, feeling hot and had an strange feeling about the conversation I just had. Opened my garage, put my bike in, while the gate closed, I took my helmet off. Made a brief stop on the kitchen to eat something. Then went to my room. Stopped on the mirror, looking at my reflection. I was different. A bit more cute. rock hard inside the suit. I wanted to jerk off. Then I turned around I saw something.
And in that moment something made sense. There was a small padlock on the top of the zipper. Then I tried to move the zipper down. Something happened. I experienced a jolt on my balls. Surely this can’t be happening. I tried to pull the zipper down, stronger this time.
I fell to the ground screaming in pain as an electrical current flow through my balls.

I tried his phone several times, he would not pick it up. So I went sleep.

Re: An Odd Feeling - Part 1

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:14 pm
by Jamie6369
I want a friend like this :D

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Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:59 am
by wetsuitlad
Great to the story! Love the fact he's been locked into the wetsuit!

Re: An Odd Feeling - Part 2

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 4:55 am
by Archangel
Hey guys, time for part two. PS: since english is not my mother language, I apologize for any mistake I made on the story.

I can’t say I had a good night of sleep, I kept turning around on the bed, feeling hot. It was well past 04:00 am then I decided to do something to cool me down. I went to the bathroom, took a nice cold shower. I wanted to kick John in his balls. Seriously what was he thinking then he locked me in this? – It was a nice to feel the water flowing down my back, without getting wet. Suddenly I was excited again, and I could not jerk off like I used to do. I tried desperately to move my cock around, but it was on something like a cup inside the wetsuit. A bit angry, a bit mad, I went back to bed. This time I could sleep a bit. But was for a short while, soon after I was hot again.
On the morning, my phone started ringing on my desk. I had a bad night of sleep, kept waking up, from time to time. Without thinking I answered my phone with:
-- what? – I said angrily.
-- did you slept well? – asked John, probably with a smile on his face.
-- John, you mother fucking cunt! – I shouted while he laughed on the other side – how the fuck do I get out of this?!
-- come to my apartment, I wanna talk to you – John said – oh and I suggest you don’t pee inside, the wetsuit was designed to prevent that thing from happening.
-- Oh, and yes, put on your leather suit, get on your bike and come here, I’m making breakfast… -- John finished the call before I could reply.
Well, without much of a choice, I took a short shower to cool a bit before putting on my one-piece motorbike suit. I was even amazed I could fit in, since he was almost skin tight then I bought it. I could not wear anything under it besides briefs. Put my leather racing gloves and boots. Seriously, I could not be hotter inside. I should get going, before I cook inside this suit. I got to my bike, was opening the gate, then I remember. My wallet, how I gonna explain if the police stop me on the road? Out of the bike, up the stairs, back to my room, get the wallet, back to the bike. Helmet fastened. Off to the city, to John’s apartment.
I was not surprise to see him at the garage gate, he told me to put my bike inside. I parked at his spot, near his car. Got off my bike and charged against him with the helmet still fastened on my head. Well that did not end well, I made 5 steps before a powerful jolt shocked my legs, sending me to the ground. Gladly I was with my leather suit, cause with the speed I was charging at him, I rolled on the floor for a few meters before coming to a stop, screaming in pain. Then it stopped I was looking at the garage ceiling.
-- Sorry, I could not let you take me to the ground so easily. – said him hovering a remote control over my helmet – Don’t worry, I think you will like what I have planned for this weekend.
He pressed some buttons on the remote control, then my cock started to receive small pulses, I was getting hard fast, I started moaning as it got more intense, then I was about to cum. It all stopped.
-- Please, let me finish! – I begged John.
-- No, we gonna go to my apartment and then we will have a talk, I will explain you the rules for the weekend.
I agreed. Before we entered the elevator, I started taking my helmet off, but John looked at me and said.
-- don’t take any of your gear off, keep the helmet on your head.
On the elevator time appeared to stop. I wanted to get to his apartment fast.
Then he opened the door, he pointed at the couch, and told me to sit. Then he sensed I would not comply. He showed me the remote, and put his finger in one of the buttons. I knew what was coming so I went to the couch. Once he walked in, he locked the door behind him. And started talking.
-- 1st off, I was not planning to lock you on that suit yesterday. I know you want it out, just hear me, it will be interesting for both. – I nodded – 2nd, then you walked out of that bathroom on that custom suit I ordered, I was in shock for a short time, I could barely hid my erection. I had the lock on my pocked so I thought it would be interesting to lock you in it, but I did not had the remote, otherwise you would have stayed yesterday. I expected you to find the padlock before going home. But since you don’t pay much attention to anything I had let you go.
-- okay, but why didn’t you picked up your phone? – I asked
-- well, I was getting excited just by the thought of you getting home and finding out you were trapped on that suit. – I even jerked off by thinking about the jolts you was receiving by trying to remove it.
-- you fucking perv… aaaaaaggg – as another jolt hits me – why?
-- here are the rules, rule number one, you are going to obey without questioning. – he started – rule number two, you will not speak unless I told you to. Failure to comply will result in electric shocks on your balls.
-- yeah, like I had a choi… aaag
-- do you understand? – John asked, I nodded – well, so now I making a breakfast for us, you must be hungry and angry. He pointed to me, stay there. And went to the kitchen.
I was starting to get bored then a suddenly jolt on my balls send me to the ground, it started with small pulses and then turned into waves. I was getting ready to cum, and started moaning, but I could not cum, since then I was getting close, it stopped or gave a burst of strong pulses that nearly made me scream. Time appeared to slow down, I lost track of time, then all stopped.
-- Gabriel, come here lets eat.
Breakfast was relatively simple, not a north american breakfast that you need 12 hours to digest. While I was sipping coffee, John was talking about other things. I simple nodded and occasionally received a jolt then I failed to respond in time. But I was getting hot, and I needed to go to the bathroom.
-- okay, listen, I know you are not feeling well on that suit, and probably need to take a break. – he said while placing the cups in the sink– so here is what is going to happen, you gonna take of your leather suit, boots and gloves. Then go to my room, and bring a black box that is on the side of my desk here.
I went to his room, looked for the box, curiosity took over me and I opened it. Inside there was several neoprene itens I did not know how to describe. Closed the box and lifted it to the living room.
Shortly after I dropped the box, John was at my side. He said:
-- take out your leather suit, boots and gloves – he said, then handed something made of neoprene – put this and lock it with those padlocks. Then I gonna take you out of that suit and into the shower.
I took a look on what he handed me was a neoprene mask, it had a zipper on the front. It took me a while to figure out how to put it. there was two zippers in the front, and one in the back, ending with some sort of collar, with some work, I put the lock on the collar and with a click it was locked. but I was not sure where the other lock was going. Then John saw my face, trying to figure out where the other lock was going, he took the lock from my hand. Took both zippers on the front of the mask and closed the front. locking the zippers in place.

Now it was only darkness around me.

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Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:42 pm
by wetsuitlad
Really looking forward to the next part! Come on lads, get commenting!

Re: An Odd Feeling - Part 1

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 7:28 pm
by Tiger
Brilliant story! It has taken my attention away from the hot guy with the metal head
brace on the home page! Come on more more more you can't keep us waiting in suspense! :D

Re: An Odd Feeling - Part 3

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:13 pm
by Archangel
Sorry for the delay on the story

-- Part 3

I stood there, motionless, as I was unaware of my surroundings. John came close to me and grabbed me from behind, whispering on my ear.
-- trust me, you wont regret having this weekend with me – as he grabbed the collar of the hood
Then he pushed me through his apartment into the bathroom. I hear a door closing behind me. John stood behind me, and I heard a click of a padlock being unlocked. He turned on the shower and while he waited for the hot water, he pushed me into the stream of cold water. Unzipping the suit from behind. As cold water flushed into the suit, hitting my hot and sweaty skin, sending shivers thought my entire body. I was able to slip out easily of the now wet wetsuit. John took the wetsuit away from the stream as the water as it started to get hot. He asked me if it was not too hot, I replied that it was okay.
Shortly after I hear the bathroom door closing. I guess I’m alone now – I though – maybe I can remove this mask. But something remind me, what good would to breaking it anyway, since I was still locked with a padlock. Also John was bigger than me. It was strange, I never had the feeling of taking a shower completely dark. The feel from the water rushing on my back, the noise then the stream hit the neoprene hood and the difference of noise then your are eyes open. Then I noticed, I was getting excited. I was rock hard on the shower. Without thinking I started stroking it, one of the best feelings I ever had. Faster, stronger, I was about to cum…
-- I strongly suggest you stop if you are thinking on finishing without my permission to do so. – John said.
I did not hear him returning to the bathroom. The thought of him seeing me naked with my cock hard on my hands made me soft again. I never felt good being near another man, especially then I was naked. Too many stories for a such a short little time. John opened the shower and closed both valves, ending the stream of water on my back. As he handed me a towel and said:
-- I think you can dry yourself off alone – oh and in the sink there is a lycra t-shirt and some pants for you, I don’t want your dick waving around all day. Then you finished dressing up, I will be waiting outside.
Clearly I found difficult to get around inside the bathroom, after a while I was able to put on the t-shirt, but about the pants was a lot more difficult. Have you ever tried putting on lycra pants without being able to see? It took me a while but I managed to do it. I opened the bathroom door, unable to see, I expected something to happen. Nothing happened.
-- John? – I called. I waited for an answer that never came back. – John? Where are you? -- I was getting scared. I scrambled through my memories to remember the layout of his apartment. Clearly something happened for him to leave me like this, trapped on a mask, alone in his home. I made a few steps, I hit something, a box was on the floor. I don’t remember this box. I tried to move back but my feet got entangled on something and the next thing I know I was falling on the floor. I was able to ease my fall by holding to the walls of the corridor – John? Where the fuck did you go! – I crawled to the living room, or what I though was the living room. I stood up, his phone must be nearby.
-- did you miss me? – I heard John said, as he grabbed me from behind
-- you idiot, never do that again! – he laughed – you scared me.
His hands started moving over my t-shirt, causing a series of different sensations, it was odd, I liked it but he released me. He took both of my hands up and I felt my hands sliding down on some sleeves, was kinda odd. Then it reached my shoulders, John moved around and started closing it from behind. Instinctively I tried to see where the sleeves end, and I found the end of the sleeve was sewed shut. Odd, very odd. John took both of my hands and crossed then in front of my chest. In that moment I realize what I was now being dressed, a straitjacket. I tried to push forward but John held me while he fixed the straps behind my back and under my crotch. Essentially, I was now bound again. I heard some clicks while he secured the straitjacket. Then he pushed me into the couch.
He came close and whispered a few words on my ear, with his hands massaging my cock from outside the pants. I was already hard, and getting harder. He pushed my face into his chest, while he lowered my pants with one of his hands. I tried to bite him thought the hood. But since the hood was thick, I could barely grab something with my teeth. Then I felt something sliding into my pants, something solid, something cold.
-- what is that – I asked
-- Something to make you a bit frustrated if you try to fuck the couch like that – he said – it’s a protective cup. – I felt John reaching for the back of my neck, and I hear a click, for a second I thought he was going to make the collar tight, but it loosened shortly after. – close your eyes – he said before pulling up the zipper and removing the hood.
I slowly opened my eyes, well was good to be able to see again. I was on a padded leather straitjacket, a few straps where lose, but I could not move my arms much. TV was turned on, with a pause screen of some racing game. John tossed a controller on the couch and said.
-- you can play if you want, it may be quite a while for lunch – he said, pointing at the TV
-- how could I possible play a game on this? – I said, referring to the straitjacket
-- I know you like challenges, you will figure a way to play.
I turned to the couch, looking at the controller for a few minutes while John moved a few things left on the room to his bedroom. Maybe… I grabbed the controller with my teeth, and dropped it on the floor. I sat on the couch, with my feet on the buttons, John sat by my side, with another controller on his hands. He looked at me and asked.
-- I told you would figure something out – he said jokingly -- are you ready?

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Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:49 pm
by denimclad

What a great story, I'm really enjoying every episode. Thank you very much for posting

Anyone want to try it for real?

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Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:33 pm
by alfiej_uk
Great story, happy to help anyone who wants to try it themselves. Might also help my writers block so that I can continue 'The Willing Capive'

Re: An Odd Feeling - Part 4

Posted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 5:02 pm
by Archangel
Hey guys, here comes another part of the story. Hope you guys like it.

-- part 4

Well, I think you all know how those races went. Me, bound on a straitjacket, barely being able to keep my car on the track. And we played for quite a while. The firsts few races I don’t think I reached the finish line. But I got better and better and a few races later I was able to keep up with the opponents, not enough to reach then, but I could see then ocasionally. John on the other end, always finished on 1st. There was a particular funny moment were my car was being chased by cops, I was trying to evade during the race, but I accidentally drove over a spike strip and got busted. While on my side of the screen an animation of my driver being busted by the police, handcuffs and all. Well if only I had handcuffs instead of a straitjacket. A few moments later, John went to the kitchen on the middle of the race. Since I was not going to be able to win the race, I decided to turn around and explore the roads on the game.
A few minutes later, John called me to lunch. Was not an easy task getting off the couch. I had to slide of the sides so I could shift my weight to my feet. Slowly I walked to the kitchen only to find a big pizza on the table. John sitting on the other side. With my feet I dragged the chair back so I could sit. There was no way I would be able to eat on a straitjacket. I looked at John, only to see him smiling. He knew what I was thinking.
-- well, there are two ways this could go around – he said, putting a slice on my plate – you can try to eat by yourself, like a dog. But I don’t think that would be nice. Or I could feed you. Small portions at a time, with any combination I like. What do you choose?
I though for a while, I should be able to eat like this, but it will get messy.
-- second option – I said
John sat on a chair next to me. Put a huge amount of ketchup on the side of my plate. Put his arm around the back of my neck and started cutting the pizza slice in smaller parts. He took one with the fork, and brought one near my mouth, instintively I opened my mouth and closed a bit to allow the fork to get out leaving the a piece of pizza inside my mouth. The taste was good, but I was not being able to concentrate, I could smell John’s scent. There is something I haven’t said, I try to keep people at a safe distance so I never let anyone get as close as John got since yesterday. I was throw into a mix of feelings. Clearly there was something different. I could say my wires would be short-circuiting if I was a robot. I looked John in the eyes, those blue eyes stared me back. I tried to get close. And I guess John noticed what I was feeling too. He kissed me, slowly. I had kissed a few girls, but this was different. I was attracted by him, his kiss was so different. Kind of wild, more intense than I ever experienced before. I wanted more. So I bit his lower lip, kissed him again, he started kissing my neck. I went for his ear, kissing it, biting it, licking around. as I kissed and bite his neck. he said:
-- looks like I need to gag you, that will keep you from biting – but that will be for later
He stood up, grabbed one of the D-rings from the collar, and started pulling it. Dragged me to his spare bedroom and pushed me into the bed. I landed on my back. Looking at the ceiling. Then I tried to stand, I saw him pointing his finger at me and said – Stay – He turned around an closed the door behind him. I went back looking at the ceiling, wondering what would happen now. I closed my eyes. After a few minutes I heard the door opening. Kept my eyes closed. John dropped a few things near the bed. And pointed to me to go in the middle of the bed. I dragged me back to the middle. John took a few ropes he brought and started fixing me to the bed, my ankles tied to the bed frame while the straitjacket’s collar was fixed on both sides of the bed. I felt John opening the straitjacket crotch straps, then my lycra pants sliding down, exposing my rock hard cock. John started working on it, by using lube and I could feel something different being strapped on my cock. After a lot of lube being used, and at the point of my whole cock feel wet. John came close to me and kissed me slowly. Suddently I felt a shock on my cock it was not painful, but was different. John started explaining:
-- I gonna play with your cock of a bit, testing what mode gives you more pleasure. – He said bringing a small box with 4 radio buttons on it – once I found the one I want, I will level it up a bit, and leave it on. – I nodded – then you gonna need to cum on your own. Once I choose the mode, you gonna have 30 minutes to cum. For every 5 minutes you waste without cumming. Its another hour you will expend on this straitjacket.
I tried to protest but before I could do anything, he gagged me with silver tape. John took that box on his hands and suddenly I felt a small continuous current, from time to time it was on my balls, then on my cock. Next was more of a continuous current. Then on small pulses. John expend half an hour playing with different modes. Some of then made me soft, some of then made me harder than I was before. Finaly he choose a mode, and I immediately felt a current getting stronger by each second, moaning as it got stronger. Then I was about to start screaming for help, it stopped, back at the start, growing stronger at each second. John stood up and sat on a chair, on the edge of the room. I watch as he took of his clothes with his rock hard cock on his hands. He started stroking his cock as I started moaning again.
-- Oh, and I forgot – said John – if I cum before you. You will be back at that wetsuit, this time with fist mitts.
I lost track of time, stronger, weaker, and climbing. Then I was about to cum, it went back to weak, I was getting desperate. John was still stroking his cock but he was going faster and faster. I tried thrusting the air, but it did not help, to my desperation I hear John moaning as his sperm started flowing from his cock. I had not cum yet, but I was so close. John came for the box and switched to another mode. A few seconds and suddently I felt like I was going to explode. The current was so different, I started moaning and before I knew I was already cumming, was one of biggest orgasm of my life. John lowered the output a bit and left the room, with the current still flowing through me. As my cock went soft, it started hurting. I tried to move, but I was fixed at the bed. John entered the bedroom again, I was glad he was back so he could turn of the current. He had something like a soft penis shaped dildo on his hand. It was made of clear acrillic. But it was hollow. He turned off the box and started cleaning with a towel the mess I made. Then he took the electrodes out of my cock, and I felt him working. I was not sure what he was doing but then I heard a click. That can’t be good.
-- before you ask, yes that is a chastity cage – he said, kissing me over the silver tape -- it will prevent you for getting excited and if you do, it will hurt a bit. Also, it will be easier to control you since it’s a version with electrodes inside. You will be out of that jacket and into a wetsuit for the afternoon, but back into the jacket for more… let me see… 15 hours.
I looked at him in complete despair. Don’t worry, you already had a bit of fun. We are just starting the weekend.

-- Notes of the story

Then I started this story, my plan was to not take the story to the bedroom. but in an impressive turn of events I could not keep it out of there. This story was originally planned to have 5 Parts. Now by my calculations, it will be at least more 4 parts. Oh and Merry Christmas to all.

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Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:00 pm
by wetsuitlad
So happy he's been locked in a chastity cage! Can't wait to read what happens next!

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Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 2:30 am
by Archangel
okay, before you guys ask why I'm not posting updates on this story. here is an explanation why.

on all stories I wrote, I based the names of the characters on real people, that gave me room to imagine. So I'm putting this storie on hold while I figure a way to get it going again. I suspect some one of the characters may have his name changed.

Sorry about the inconvenience. I kinda messed up.

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Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:54 pm
by alfiej_uk
If it's the captive, maybe you could think of a way to get someone to swap with him?

Re: An Odd Feeling - Part 1

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:30 pm
by wetsuitlad
Hope we get more from this story soon!