Surf trip

Have a good story about Lycra and/or wetsuits, then post them here!
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Surf trip

Post by eirewetsuited » Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:33 am

First part to a story I thought up. Hope you enjoy

Paul a bicurious potential kinkster,been working hard since Christmas and when a few of his mate suggested a janurary surf across the country, he jumped at the time away. Even more so knowing he'd get to wear head to toe neoprene, a slight kink of his.

Paul had his own wetsuit ,gloves and shoes so he was set. The day of the surf lesson paul and his three mates, Ryan, Aaron and James, made there way to the beach side changing rooms already wearing swim shorts underneath. Well paul had a speedo to get in and out of the wetsuit easily- he told the lads. To his surprise his friend Aaron, a short toned lad, had also worn one. For the same claimed reason..  
Paul had worn wetsuits in front of the guys before and couldn't help throw an eye there way once suited, particularly towards Aaron. But this time being head to toe quite literally as well as his mates also, paul couldn't help but enjoy the feeling and would brush of Aaron when he could. While all of this was going through Paul's head, little did he realise that the same was happening between James and Ryan, even if Ryan didn't realise that is. 

With all of the sexual tension in the changing room the guys walked down the beach a few feet wetsuit clad and ready to go to meet a not so typical looking Instructer called Andy. He was short but fit and had a perfectly fitted wetsuit on. Andy however, was not what he seemed...

As the four friends finished beech prep and made there way to the water Aaron and paul got talking to the Instructer who insisted they stop by his home later to see his vintage wetsuits. The two agreed and the lesson carried on all fun and games, with 'accidental' touching rubbing and even grabbing going on mostly between Aaron and paul. But occasionally Andy would let a hand wander, but not so much as to raise suspicions of his intentions.

Following the lesson the lads returned to the hotel and freshened up and within the hour paul and Aaron were making their way to see Andy. 

Andy had been waiting eagerly. When the two arrived he greeted them in a two piece semi dry suit much to the lads surprise. Although paul while not saying so did enjoy the sight.

Andy showed the two vintage drysuits and wetsuits form the years and after about 30minutes had built up the courage to ask "I have some never worn if you'd like to try". Both lads pretended they didn't , but by now the situation was clear. All three had a certain place for wetsuits. Paul and Aaron took turns getting ready in the bathroom and neither had anything on under their suits. Adding to the scenario they found themselves in.

Paul wore a full piece zoot wetsuit with funky green design on itself and Aaron seemed to jump for an O'Neill suit with built in hood. The two were convinced into gloves and shoes too. Paul could feel himself beginning to enjoy the suit more and more and noticed Aaron was clearly having similar thoughts. 

It was at this point , all three sealed into neoprene that Andy suggested something. Something which created uncertainty, curiousity but also exitement.

Andy opened a box that contained everything from a straight jacket to mouth gags. His suggestion was the lads pick three items and whoever escapes first get to keep the wetsuit either the one they wore or their opponents.

The two agreed as they saw the fun in the idea, but also because each without saying so was actually enjoying every second of this ever kinkier situation.

Paul had his hands cuffed behind him, tape wrapped around his legs to his crotch and finally a mouth gag that left no room at all. He was now rick hard and nothing could make him cum. Aaron watched eagerly and began to stroke himself, which resulted in an extra item. Aaron was thrust into a straight jacket, blindfold mask that had a mouth opening which was filled by a similar gag to Paul's and finally ankle cuffs./

The two felt andys hands rubbing every inch of their neoprene clad Body making them as hard as they could get. He also rubbed against Aaron who by now was clearly having fun and slapping his tight wetsuit sealed rear end. Paul encounter a similar serious of kinky actions but could also feel how much Andy was enjoying this as his hands were cuffed but had enough movement to feel Andys.. enjoyment

The two were placed face up on a large bed and Andy walked away for a few moments. Their Hearts were pounding beneath their sweaty bondage. Neither lad able to say much more than mmmmmpphhhh to each other. Yet both were in a place of submission and enjoyment. Andy replaced their gags and hoods with simple ball gags. Now each lad could see and hear everything perfectly.

Andy brought out his box of tricks yet again...

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Re: Surf trip

Post by wetsuitlad » Sun Mar 05, 2017 4:18 pm

Great start, can't wait to read what comes out of the box of tricks next!!

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Re: Surf trip

Post by zeep » Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:30 pm

same, sounds like a great situation ^^

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