A Cold Weekend on the Snow

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A Cold Weekend on the Snow

Post by Polygon-cactus » Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:30 am

This is inspired by a skiing trip last year, where I wore a shortie wetsuit under all my ski gear. I'd definitely recommend it if you're into your wetsuits and your snowsports. It's fairly comfortable, and there's a nice rush from being in a wetsuit (you could even wear a full body deal) completely hidden but right in public (no reason you can't wear it in slopeside restaurants as well).


Nathan gagged over the toilet, thumbling with his alarm as he tried to turn it on. Thirty seconds earlier, before his alarm had gone off, he’d been sound asleep, now he was hungover as hell and trying not to vomit into the bowl.

A few minutes later and his flatmate was out in the corridor, looking less worse for wear but still pretty roughed up.

“Fucking bad idea man” Austin shook his head, “hope Justin’s up to driving for a bit”.

Neither of them had wanted to miss a good friend’s 21st, but they’d already booked all their accomodation for a long weekend’s skiing. Both had been confident they wouldn’t drink too much, knowing they had an early start to get to Ruapehu.

They’d ran out of time to pack yesterday, but figured they’d just get up a bit earlier today to pack. In reality they both lay shell shocked on the couch, tried to force down some water and got an angry call from Justin (“Where the fuck are you? I’m outside with my bags”). Luckily they had all their sports stuff in a few big bags in the hallway closets, so they stuffed that into the car with some toiletries and hit the road.

Even heading away from the city at half seven the traffic was already picking up along the isthmus, luckily they’d found Justin and escaped the worst of Auckland’s traffic and would be on the highway on time for a midday arrival.

New Zealand’s most beautiful not in a snapshot, but in the slideshow of a road trip. Even in mid winter the sun was bright, Tāmaki’s grassy green volcanoes and yellow beaches giving away to the muddy farmland of the Waikato. Then finally the rainforest of Pureora gave way to the dry snow covered desert, with the mountains looming in the distance.

Austin had been in charge of the accommodation, and they’d found the perfect spot, a small attached unit nestled on the mountain itself, a few minutes above the first set of ski lifts.

As they wound up the mountain he explained their lateness to Justin.

“Sorry mate, we didn’t think you’d be up any faster than us this morning.” Austin apologised.

“Oh yeah, I figured you’d leave me behind, I barely got up in time and had no time to pack as well. I don’t think anything else would’ve fit though, you guys packed like girls.”

“Yeah we just stuffed all the sports stuff in.”

Nathan had been watching the scenery, but he had a sudden thought, “Actually I don’t think I brought any other shirts.”

“Yeah no, I didn’t have time to pack anything other than ski gear really. Hey we’re only going to ski right?” Austin added.

They continued up the mountain, stopping to put on snow chains, before reaching the ski field itself.

Stepping out of the car, they were hit by bitter cold. Even more so than usual, and they were all dressed in jeans and shirts for Auckland's mild winter weather.

"Shit we can't get any warm clothes out, they'll be at the bottom."

"Let's just run, it's fucking freezing." Austin was jumping up and down trying to keep warm.

"Ok ok" they each grabbed bags, slammed shut the doors and gapped it for the lodge.

Nathan and Austin were both triathletes but Justin was a soccer player and could easily out sprint them on the few hundred meter run up the hill. So they arrived panting and sweating, while simultaneously freezing, as he fumbled with the lock. For context, Ruapehu stands in the middle of the North Island. From its sides New Zealand's rugged terrain looks smooth, stretching into the horizon. In short, it's very exposed, with the brutally cold winds blowing in uninterrupted.

Justin fumbled with the lock box, his colds hands taking a while to get them into the unit. It was its own little one bedroom unit with twin beds and a couch bed in the main room.

"Alright, we'll go skiing I guess."

As they'd known, they'd done pretty poorly on the packing. They had a lot of irrelevant stuff, like their tri gear, and had managed to bring all their skis, but they hadn't really gathered much in the way of warm clothes other than their ski jackets and pants.

"Eww why do you put away your dirty stuff?" Austin complained to Nathan, going through the bags Nathan's habit of forgetting about dirty gear was on full display.

Justin was in a similar situation.

"I've got a of dirty clothes, do you know where the washing rooms are?"

"It's out of order, they emailed us about this, we have to go back down to the base."

"Fuck that."

Austin interrupted, "Nathan, did you bring any ski socks?"

"No shit, just my ankle socks."

Eager as they were to get out skiing, it took another 20 minutes or so of digging to find enough to brave the cold. They only got 3 hours of skiing that day, but needless to say it was a disaster.

Justin and Austin both had thin ski pants meant to provide water proofing over warmer internal layers, layers they hadn't packed. Austin tried wearing his jeans underneath which earned him some nice chafing. Nathan and Austin both tried skiing without sock which bruised their feet all over.

But above all they were just cold all day, it was an unusually cold weekend for the mountain and they were unusually under dressed. None of them had bought extra warm under layers.


The next morning no one was very quick getting out of bed, all dreading the cold.

"We must have some warmer clothes somewhere?"

The door was open so they could all hear each other.

"Yeah Justin do you have any spare socks?"

"No only my pair."

There was a brief pause.

"Actually let me have a look" Justin pulled himself out of bed and began digging in his bag.

"I've got my soccer socks, there's a few pairs."

Motivated by Justin's find the others began digging through their bags with a new spirit.

"We don't even have any more underwear, but I've got our tri wetsuits."

Sure enough Austin had managed to pull out his red highlighted black suit, Nathan's similar suit with yellow highlights and even Nathan's older suit from a few years ago. It wasn't actually a triathlon wetsuit, being a little thicker, it was stark white with a few black patterns and even had a crotch zip.

"We could wear those?" Suggested Justin.

"I mean, it might be better than nothing"

Justin was a little shorter than either of them, so they passed him Nathan's old suit. In turn he threw over some socks.

"Eww are these clean?" The socks were yellow and still a little damp.

"Yeah they're from the dirty clothes I bought." Justin shrugged, "It's all I've got, do you guys have anything else I can wear? Yesterday was super cold?"

"I guess as payment for your dirty laundry you can wear this under." Nathan threw him his lycra trisuit from the bag, it was a short sleeved model without cycling padding.

Having found some more clothes, Justin decided to take a shower, and the other two boys began to get changed.

They were well rehearsed, they both pulled off their boxers without thinking about it and pulled on the wetsuits, it was a little harder than usual without any lube but they managed to tug them on.

Nathan turned first and let Austin zip up the back, afterwards he did the same for Austin and they both stretched a little, testing the suits.

Nathan had worn the suit plenty of times in the cold, but in the warm air of the little unit he immediately felt a little hot. That was a good sign he figured.

Putting on Justin's soccer socks wasn't so pleasant, they were still damp from sweat and smelt rank. Still, they were good thick socks that'd protect their feet so they both manned up and pulled the clammy material up over the legs of their wetsuits.

Meanwhile Justin had finished his shower and was now examining Nathan's trisuit with disdain, it was clearly one of the dirty clothes that Austin had complained about earlier. Deciding it could be worse he pulled it on, he hadn't brought his boxers to the bathroom so he went commando under the suit.

He'd actually worn it before, having briefly tried it on when at Nathan's to checkout how chiseled he looked in it. That time it had been soft and smelt of detergent, this time it was wet and slightly transparent, the smell of sweat wasn't as strong as his socks but it wasn't nice either.

The wetsuit was a little more difficult, while softened by lots of wear it was still tougher than a trisuit and a little to small even for Justin.

In the end he gave up with it and came out to ask for help, two arms in but unable to get the zip up.

"Here I'll give you a hand," Austin walked around to the back, where he could see the tri suit peaking out, "he gave you his dirty suit? Rank!"

Justin gave him the finger as he tackled with the zip, Justin was a little more bulky thanks to his muscle mass (compared to Austin and Nathan's slim swimmer forms) and it was a pretty tight squeeze.

Meanwhile Justin was being introduced to a whole new set of sensations, as the rough insides of the wetsuit squeezed against everything. He almost exclaimed as Austin got the zip over the tightest point and it suddenly shot up, sealing the suit.

While the other two began to pull on the rest of their ski gear he flattened the material out over his skin, testing the feeling of the lycra and neoprene pushed up against him.

By the time they’d got the rest of their ski gear on over the wetsuits all the boys had built up a warm sweat in the heated room. For Justin this was a relief as Nathan’s trisuit was no longer cold and clammy from his sweat, now heated up to body temperature and mixed with Justin’s own sweat. Even for the other two they were just hoping for a warmer day on the slopes.

Stepping out they all felt the difference, the wind chill and bitter cold were completely eliminated by the wetsuits.

By the time they'd gotten to the lifts though, the first difficulty with the wetsuits was clear, unlike the modern ski gear they were used to the wetsuits weren’t well ventilated and held the damp just as well as the heat. The sweat from whenever they were warm would sit in the suit, feeling hot and slick. Then as they queued or sat still it would cool down, becoming damp against the skin.

Even for Nathan and Austin this was a pretty new sensation, they’d always worn the wetsuits for swimming of course, and never felt the suits so slick with warm sweat. The tight triathlon wetsuits were designed for swimming as well, and tended to pull very tight when they were sitting on the lifts. Justin was just glad for a bit of lubrication that the sweat provided in his far less flexible suit.

Still, the wetsuits had their advantages as well. A few runs in Justin lost both his skis and went flying through a mountain of powder, a snowsports fan’s worst nightmare - the snow slips under all your clothes and onto exposed skin.

“You ok mate?” Austin came to a stop just below Justin, Nathan was further down the slope.

“Yeah I’m fine, look,” Justin pulled up his coat arm, showing the snow sitting on top the wetsuit where he could shake it out. Then he lifted his coat
and the same thing was obvious, the smooth white skin of his wetsuit was blocking any snow from his body, “none of the snow can get in!”

This of course gave the two the perfect idea, as they caught up with Nathan Austin kept on going, ramming him down onto the snow and pinning him.

“Get off!”

“Go Austin! Pull back his suit!” Justin cheered.

Austin managed to get his clothes down the back of Nathan's neck and stretched the wetsuit collar open.

“Cold! Fuck off!” Nathan tried to push off Austin as Justin began packing snow into the wetsuit.

As soon as Austin released him he began trying to claw it out again, but just succeeded in pushing the snow further into the wetsuit. Eventually he switched strategies, trying to stretch and move in the hope of breaking up and melting the cold snow. After a few moments of this he gave up and began to trail the other two, unnaturally rigid.

As he did his best not to react to the cold, the ice melted into cold water, trickling down his backside and soaking through the suit. Eventually it would warm up, but it only contributed to the dampness of the suit.

Both the other boys got their comeuppance, with snow stuffing each other’s suits becoming a competition.

The next issue with the wetsuits was taking a piss. Nathan and Austin both used the toilets at the base station, half undressing and rolling down the sweaty suits.

Justin figured he’d be fine taking a quick one later, with the crotch zip. Only when he came to a stop out of the way on the mountain, busting to make some yellow snow, did he remember the extra layer of the trisuit.

Ultimately, in the interest of not holding up the group, he came up with a half assed solution. Doing his best to bunch up some of the trisuit around it, he held his penis out through the lycra, when he began to piss the stream went straight through the thin material and dribbled to the ground.

It wasn’t perfect, as the trisuit soaked up a bit of liquid, but he figured it was already such a stew of sweat and melted ice in the wetsuit he wouldn’t bother.


They got back to the cabin late in the day, just as the snow began to come in. There was no point coming in early with so little to do through the evening.

Undressing revealed the wetsuits to be quite a mess, Austin and Nathan’s thinner triathlon wetsuits had big dark patches where the sweat had soaked through. Justin’s suit had contained everything, although his socks looked worst for wear where the sweat was dripping out of the legs, in the thick suit even getting undressed had him red faced and sweating all over.

“God it stinks in there!” Austin gave Justin a big sniff as he slid down the zipper, then joined Nathan in collapsing on the couch in their wetsuits. Given his state Justin made a beeline for the bathroom.

Austin was right, with the wetsuit pulled off he could smell sweat and urine on the trisuit below. Given what a mess it was he decided to just jump into the shower and let the warm water wash both him and the suit at the same time.

Like every healthy young male Justin had a fairly regular cycle, interrupted already by the road trip and day skiing. Initially he planned to just pull off the suit and make a quickie in the shower, but under the warm water he found it easy to lazily rub circles into his crotch, enjoying the additional stimulation of the lycra.

Done, he let the water wash all the days excrement out of the suit and got out. He did his best to dry the suit as well, the thin lycra easy wiped dry with a towel.

Emerging from the bathroom he had the wetsuit in one hand, and was wearing the trisuit again, now clean for the first time. Clean and dry it was a pretty comfy, if revealing, garment, and he hadn’t bought many clothes for lounging around in either.

After Justin was finished up, Austin and Nathan went through to get changed as well. Neither had managed to pack many clothes, and putting back on their jeans and jackets they’d worn ex city seemed uncomfortable. Austin eventually dug out his other triathlon suit, the clean one he’d opted not to give Justin, and Nathan settled on a jumper and a pair of cycling shorts from the sports bag.

The three wetsuits were hung over the backs of chairs, airing them out, but also filling the room with the smell of sweat and neoprene. Exhausted, the boys all crashed on the couch bed, watching TV idly.

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Re: A Cold Weekend on the Snow

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they should ve taken the cleanin shower together :-|

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