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Spiked and locked into chastity

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 6:56 pm
by Jamie6369
This is just a quick, short and messy story inspired by events last Sunday :o

I think I just needed to write something down.

--------------------- START ---------------------------------
I'm everywhere when it comes to gay social media – Grindr, Tinder, POF, Wetsuit Lads, Recon, Chastity Locked, xTube, literally all over the place.

My downfall is probably being too honest on my profiles. I literally do list a ton of fetishes.

I went out with friends into the city, first a couple of drinks, then hit the nightclubs. I'm not a great nightclub fan, they are literally too loud and I can't dance or even shuffle in a convincing way, but my friends like them and I like being with my friends.

Me and another were the first to finish our drinks at the pub, so we went on ahead to the nightclub, I got him and me a couple of drinks (he had Vodka and Orange, I just had a whisky). Everything was just fine, we went outside, he had a cigarette, I said hello to some bloke that looked at me as if he had recognised me from Grindr or somewhere and we went back inside.

We had finished our drinks, so yet again, I bought a couple more (does everyone have a friend that goes out with no money?), We sat at a table, he used my phones Wi-Fi hotspot to ask the others how much longer they would be.

“ARE YOU OK J?” I heard Rod shouting

“DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING?” He continued shouting.

“Yea, I'm fine” I replied trying to comprehend my surroundings, as I blurted out my address.

Next thing I know, the taxi is taking me home. I can remember the full route, and the taxi driver telling me it would be £70 of I threw up in his cab. I even asked him to stop at the end of the street as it was narrow and he would have trouble turning. I walked home the last few hundred yards, let myself in, went upto bed and flopped on it until morning.

Don't me wrong, I was not in perfect condition, I felt as if I had been clobbered by a bottle of whisky or something, I was unsteady on my feet a little, but didn't have too many problems. (I got the key in the door first time)

I awoke the next morning to what can only be described as a double hangover. I went downstairs in the same clothes, had a banana, a coffee and then returned to bed until about 11am.

I awoke and still felt like crap. I had never felt this bad in my life. I went to the toilet, pulled down everything, then I saw and felt it – I was bolted into a chastity device, bright, shiny metal with a really short cage. Wow was it tight.

“WTF” went through my head. I certainly don't know what this is all about. I can't remember a thing.

There was a note attached.
“Saw you profile. Know you'll like this. If you ever remember my phone number call me for the key”

I suddenly didn't feel the need to use the toilet! I needed my friends, I needed to find out what had happened.

No one knows. It was confirmed to me that I hadn't had much to drink. It was also confirmed that I was really, completely out of character (I'm normally quite reserved and think before I speak) . Well last night I was loud, brash, and by all accounts a complete hooligan.

One of my friends came up with the idea that my drink must have been spiked, it really is the only explanation.

So here I sit, two horny weeks later. I've got a Dremel on order, but before that arrives, I've got an appointment with a hypnotist, hopefully they will be able to retrieve the phone number out of my mind. What my social media profiles do not say is that I hold a grudge and really do seek revenge when wronged.
----------------------------- END -----------------------

Re: Spiked and locked into chastity

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:40 am
by Polygon-cactus
Hot story!

Re: Spiked and locked into chastity

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:22 pm
by Jamie6369
Glad you liked it. - it's all true except the bit about chastity!

It's not very pleasant having an hour or so missing from your memory, when all your friends will tell you is "You were wrecked man" and "you kept breaking glasses" and "you shouted fuck about 50 times". If there was something that enabled me to a loud, chavvy, hooligan and remember, I'd proably take it voluntary!

tbh, I've been thinking, IF I woke up in chastity what would I do. Chances are wear it for a couple of days and hope my keyholder made himself known to me. If it was someone hot (young, clad in Adidas from head to toe and with an evil sense of humour) I'd probably go along with it. If it was someone I didn't like or massively overweight or something, I'd cut the thing off!

Re: Spiked and locked into chastity

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:20 pm
by alfiej_uk
Liked the story and would like to see more, even if it's fiction/fantasy. I suppose that if the perpetrator were someone that you didn't like under normal circumstances but who kept you dangling on the hook - just to see what happened next - it would make it interesting. Possibly more so if you did not find out who the perpretrator was for a while and then found out it was your worst nightmare or your dream come true?

Btw, I've lost a few hours to alcohol, but the only thing that resulted was a huge hangover.....