Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

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"WAKE UP! Grab your stuff!" Sgt. Sweet yelled. Tom rolled over to look at Sgt. Sweet. Tom was in the habit of sleeping on his stomach so the rebreather didn't hurt his back.

"Grab your stuff! I'll explain on the way!" Shouted Sgt Sweet again. He was holding what looked like a phone with a big antenna.

"Wah? Ok ok." yawned Tom.

Sgt. Sweet hurried outside, leaving Tom to figure out what "Grab your stuff!" meant. Tom put on the wetsuit shorts over his rubberized dick as best he could. "Darn morning wood." he mumbled under his breath. He strapped the driving knife to his body, put on the camo jacket and pants, put on the rubber boots, and carried the fins under his armpits and went outside to see what the fuss was about.

Sgt. Sweet was finishing backing the van to the edge of the water. He got out of the van, opened a compartment in the back, and pulled out a deflated raft. Sgt. Sweet started spreading it out. "Grab the other stuff!" he yelled. Also in the compartment were life vests, and paddles, and an outboard motor. Tom put the life vests and paddles in the center of the now spread-out raft. Sgt Sweet pulled a cord on the raft and it started quickly inflating itself. Tom carried the outboard motor to its attachment point on the back of the raft and set it in its spot. They pushed the raft into the water, the Sergeant started the motor and they were skipping across the waves toward the ocean.

"There's a civilian underwater research base not far from here," Sergeant Sweet finally started explaining, "Less than 30 minutes ago, they sent a distress signal. No one's received any other transmissions from them since then. The worrisome thing is, that the used a code that they are supposed to use only under duress."

"And we're going there?" Tom asked.

"Yes, we might be the closest ship able to make it there, and likely the only one able to dive that deep." Sgt Sweet looked at the screen of the phone with the big antenna. "Still no contact since the initial signal and no one else there yet. These are the scientists that work there." as he showed the screen of the phone to Tom. Two men and two women.

With the help of the GPS map on the phone, they navigated to the spot. And there was just a buoy; nothing else. "If they evacuated, we might see them in their survival suits or submersible and get some answers, but there's nothing here." Sgt Sweet looked at his phone again. "Still nothing."

"Tom, I can't order you to do this," said Sargeant Sweet, "But my equipment isn't up to diving this deep right now. Would you Dive Down there, just follow the rope from the buoy straight down, and see if they need any help?"

"But they used a duress code, does that mean there could be enemies there?" as Tom checked that his diving knife was still attached to his belt.

"I don't know; the duress code means it's possible. Take my gun, you can't fire it underwater, but it'll work again once the water drains out." Sgt Sweet held out the holster and handgun to Tom.

"I'll do it." said Tom, "Do I need some code to get in?"

"The main entrance is from the bottom. Sort of like if you held an empty glass upside down underwater." replied Sgt. Sweet.

"Alright, no point standing around any more" said Tom, and he attached the holster with the gun to his belt. He put the breathing mask over his mouth, and jumped into the water.

He followed the cable the buoy was attached to, deeper and deeper into the water.


As the natural light from above decreased, eventually Tom saw the artificial lights of the lab below. "At least the electricity is still on." he thought.

As he approached the base, he saw there was a larger central module and a few smaller modules connected with tunnels. He decided to look under the central module for the opening.

And he found a ladder at the bottom, leading up into the base as described. There was a small submersible craft floating in the pool. Tom climbed up the ladder, as stealthily as he could, his head swiveling around, and his hand over his gun.

He didn't see anyone. He stood up on the floor, and took off his breathing mask. Looking around, the obvious exit besides the pool in the floor, was a closed metal door. He also saw piles of scuba tanks, wetsuits and drysuits hanging up on racks, lots of tools, and other stuff he didn't recognize.

"Well, I got this far, might as well try the door now." Tom took the gun out of its holster, tilted it to drain as much water as possible, and put his other hand on the handle of the door. "Can I really do this? Is there anything I'm not thinking of?"

Tom didn't hear any little voices in his head telling him that he was forgetting something, so he took a deep breath; the gun in one hand, and opened the heavy metal door in the other, and ...

Another door. He was in a small room, a couple meters big, with another closed metal door on the other end. "Huh, I guess it does make sense they would compartmentalize it." Tom thought to himself. He closed the door behind him, took a couple steps.

"Ok this time for real" Tom's gun in one hand and opened the door with the other.

He was in some sort of control room. Part of it was computer workstations with chairs and flat-screen monitors on the walls. And in art of it was pipes and physical gauges were visible. More worryingly, there was about two centimeters of water on the floor, and someone looking into a utility cabinet, their back to the door.

As was previously explained to Tom, a duress code was used, so there was a possibility that it could be some sort of enemy agent.

"Hands up! Don't move!" shouted Tom as confidently as he could.

"Woah, hey alright!" the guy said as he put his hands up.

Tom kept his gun pointed at the person as he got closer. He was wearing a blue jumpsuit, like the scientists did in the photos the Sgt. Sweet showed Tom earlier. "Do you work here?" Tom asked.

"Yes, yes I do." The guy said.

Tom relaxed a little. Though he didn't know why the duress code was used; maybe an enemy agent was impersonating the scientist. Tom thought back to the photos and profiles that Sgt. Sweet had shown him earlier.

"Are you Kyle?" Tom asked.

"Yes, wow, that's right." the guy replied.

"What's your last name?" Tom asked.

"McCloud" he replied.

"Yeah, that's what the profile said." Tom said as he lowered the gun, "Now what the heck is going on?"

"Alright, so we got this leak. It fried some of our equipment. I tried radioing for assistance. Then you show up. Who are you anyway?"

"I'm Tom. I'm with ... the US ... Navy. Sort of." Tom stammered a bit "Why would you use a duress code? Is someone in trouble? Where are the other scientists?"

"We're fine here, well, besides what you see. When I tried the radio, it sparked while I was typing messages, then it went dead. I don't know what it actually sent." Kyle shrugged a little, "The other scientists are fine. They sealed off in another section when the leak happened; they're not supposed to open the door until the leak is contained."

"So you should evacuate right?" Tom asked.

"The thing is, I want to try to save this station. I could evacuate right now. The others are totally sealed off. They'd be fine for days even if this section completely flooded."

"I see." said Tom. "I want to speak to them, make sure they're alright, if that's possible."

"Yeah, we've got a local video cam system. Hopefully it still works." Kyle pushed a button on a console with a microphone and webcam.

"Hello?" said a female voice on the screen of the console.

"Hello, um, I'm here to help with your problem," said Tom, "Just wanted to make sure you're ok."

"Yeah, we're ok. We know about the leak; we'll be fine for a while. Kyle is looking into it."

"Can I just see all 3 of you on the cam at once? A duress code was used, apparently by accident."

"Oh, for sure" she said "everyone get in here." And they did. And Tom could see that they matched up with the profiles Sgt. Sweet showed Tom earlier.

"ok, that checks out. Thank you for your time We'll contact you when we have an update." said Tom, ending the call.

Tom turned to Kyle and said, "Ok. Hmmm. Here's what I see. Number one. You said you could evacuate now, but if this place floods suddenly, you won't have time to put on your scuba suit. I want you to put it on now."

This was true, but Tom also thought that Kyle would look good in a scuba suit anyway.

"Number two. We find some way to stop this leak. Number three. We find some way to communicate with whoever's responding to the duress code. They don't know it's a false alarm, so they'll be sending soldiers instead of just technicians. Soldiers with guns drawn, and ... flash-bangs ... and explosives. I don't know. Just that it could get hairy if we don't think of something. Any comments? Anything I'm forgetting?"

Kyle had a question for Tom: "Looks like you're wearing a bunch of tech. Can you radio anyone and tell them what's going on?"

Tom shook his head, "No, it doesn't have any connection around here."

Kyle pointed to Tom's visor, "You know, you don't need them right now; you can take your ... night-vision? ... goggles off now."

Tom hesitated, "Um, I prefer to keep them on."

Kyle shrugged, "Suit yourself. So you think I should put my drysuit on first."

Tom nodded. "Let's go do that." They went through both doors, and into the entrance room, closing each door behind them.

Kyle got his drysuit from a hook on the wall. It was bright orange with hood and black boots attached. It had black kneepads, and a big black zipper going from the middle of the back, through the crotch, and to the front of the suit. [seriously, this is an actual thing; look up Poseidon Unisuit]

Kyle started taking off his shoes and explaining as he slipped his feet into the legs. "When you came here I was looking to see if I could stop the leak from inside, but I haven't been able to find a place where I could patch it."

Kyle was having a bit of trouble getting his foot into the boot, so Tom held onto it for him as he put his foot in.

"I think it might have to be patched from the outside." said Kyle "Do you know anything about underwater welding?"

Tom had read a section about it in his books, and had seen the other class do it; but it hadn't been part of his training.

"In theory, yes." said Tom.

"Good, you know more than me," said Kyle as Tom helped him get the other foot into the boot. Kyle didn't say anything as he put his arms and head into the suit and Tom helped him get through the neck seal and wrist seal. "I think you're the best option go into the water and try to patch it."

"I wouldn't know where to look." objected Tom.

"We have these simple waterproof wireless tablets." said Kyle, "Take one; I'll message you and try to get you as close as possible to where I think it its. Now help me with the zipper."

Tom started with the heavy zipper in the back, down through the crotch and up through the front. Tom was pretty sure he felt that Kyle was hard as be brushed against his cock. "Hopefully Kyle didn't notice that i lingered a little too long." Tom thought.

"Thanks I can get the rest of the suit myself," Kyle said "You'll take this welding equipment with you, including the tablet. Take this toolkit too. This is the power supply. It stays in here."

Tom carried what he needed to the entrance of the water. "Here goes."

Tom slipped into the water.

As Tom swam through the water, Kyle used his tablet to direct him. After finding a pipe that connected one part of the habitat to another, Tom got a message on the tablet: "CORRECT LOCATION NOW? SEE ANYTHING?"



Tom took a wrench from the toolkit and tightened the screw with all his strength. Then he wrote "THAT WORK?"

Kyle wrote back "SLOWING DOWN." and soon "YES. STOPPED. COME BACK"

Tom headed back inside the base. In the entrance room he dropped off the repair equipment. Then he went through both doors to the control room.

Kyle looking at one of the consoles. "Good job." Kyle said, and gave the high-five sign.

Kyle was still wearing the drysuit and had put on neoprene gloves since Tom left. Tom's gloves were still wet from being in the water, so the high-five made a rubbery sounding "Smack". Tom's first instinct after that was to hug Kyle, but he held back.

"Ok, any updates?" asked Tom.

"Now that the water stopped coming in, the pump should be able to keep up and remove this water." answered Kyle, "I haven't got the radio working though"

"Ok, think, we just want to use the radio to try to cancel the duress code, to assure them that everything's fine, in case they're already preparing to respond with full military action." Tom thought out loud "We could do nothing, and take a chance to let that happen."

"What if we just swim away?" asked Kyle.

"Well, first, the other scientists would still be at risk if there's a a military action. Second, if the military see us swimming away, we can't communicate with them and we might get shot." replied Tom.

"What about the mini-sub?" asked Kyle.

"Same thing, they might see it and shoot it down. Wait, does the sub have a radio?" asked Tom.

"Short-range only." Kyle shook his head.

"Damn. We might be best off to just stay here, keep an eye on things, and try to fix the radio."

"Ok" said Kyle

"It's still a risk even if we fix the radio; they might think we're still under duress, like we have a gun to our heads and we're saying stuff, but I think it's worth a try."

"Damn, that's dark" said Kyle

"We're going to start with the radio; where's the electronics for it?" asked Tom.

"In the cabinet underneath the radio"

Tom knelt down and looked in the cabinet. "Ok, turn off the power for this; I'm going to try fixing it."

"Ok," said Kyle as he flipped one of a row of switches on the wall.

"Grab me some tools," asked Tom "like screwdrivers and stuff".

Tom had his head fully inside the cabinet looking around. His visor had its LED light (above and between his eye-cameras) on. Kyle set the tools beside Tom and tapped Tom once on the butt. Tom thought to "That was an odd way to bring it to my attention. Was he hitting on me too?" Tom just decided to focus on the task for now and used a screwdriver to look at some more components.

"Damn, I don't know if I can fix this." said Tom "Do you have any better ideas, or think I should keep trying?"

"I'll take from your silence that you don't have any more ideas." said Tom, still with his head in the cabinet looking at components. "What about those wireless tablets, can they send a message to the surface?"

"Even shorter range than the sub," Kyle shook his head, "What about taking the sub though?"

Tom thought for a second, "If the military thinks we're an enemy and we can't communicate with them, the sub might get shot down. Also, remember that the sub would be pressurized to this depth. Quickly going to a lower pressure would give use decompression sickness. We'd be sitting ducks for a long time. Putting us and the other scientists at risk ... wait ... the other scientists; we talked to them through the intercom. You said the console for the radio sparked. The radio transmitter is probably fine. If we patch the console for the intercom into the transmitter for the radio, it just might work. Worth a try."

"That's .. actually a pretty good idea." said Kyle.

"Ok, open the cabinet for the intercom and start bringing out the cables." said Tom.

As they worked at patching the two systems together, they found that some one the cables weren't long enough; soon they were taking unused cables and twisting the wires together under Tom's direction. It was tedious, so they got to talking. While Tom was talking he kept on looking at the crotch of Kyle's bright orange drysuit. Tom's cock was getting bigger, so much that it had to have been noticeable under the wetsuit shorts. Tom had to pull at the wetsuit shorts just to get his cock in a comfortable position again.

"If your shorts are uncomfortable, why don't you just take them off?" asked Kyle.

"It's ... um ... not ... ... decent." stuttered Tom.

"Whatever. I've seen plenty of pee valves on wetsuits." said Kyle.

They both went back to work. Tom had to adjust his cock inside his wetsuit shorts a couple more times. And he was pretty sure he saw Kyle adjusting his inside his drysuit.

Eventually the work was done. It would be audio-only, sent on the original frequency, so hopefully Sgt Sweet's radio would pick it up.

Tom spoke into the intercom-now-radio "Thomas speaking from deep sea base. Duress code was sent in error. Condition is now stable but need technicians for assistance."

Sgt Sweet's voice came in on the radio "Is that you Tom? I'll try to inform people that the duress code was in error, but to verify that it's you and you're not under duress, tell me something that only you and I would know the correct answer to."

"We first met in room 115 at 0900 hours." said Tom.

"Confirmed." said Sgt. Sweet "Sending out a change in the alert."

After a bit more back and forth to clarify the situation, and a second confirmation by Kyle, Tom was done with the radio.

"So we just wait now?" asked Kyle.

"Well, we have to keep an eye on the repair, but I can see the water level in here is still going down slowly. We kind of wrecked the intercom so we can't tell the other scientists what's happening, but we have an unverified repair and they're safe for now." Tom just closed his eyes, leaned way back in his chair, exhaled and opened his eyes. Kyle's orange drysuited body was still standing next to the chair. Tom's cock twitched very obviously inside the wetsuit shorts; there was no hiding it.

"Aw, fuck it!" said Kyle with resolve "I've just got to help you with that. You want to rub one out?"

"I do," replied Tom. He thought about it. His visor had been giving the Connection Lost message since moving to the cabin. Any rescuers would certainly be heard opening the two metal doors. Same with the scientists, if they even decided to check things out without hearing anything. He'd been horny since he put the drysuit on Kyle and needed some relief. "I definitely do."

Kyle put his gloved hand on Tom's wetsuited belly and slid his hand under the waistline of Tom's shorts. He pulled Tom's penis straight up and down under the shorts and started rolling Tom's rubber-covered penis between his thumb and forefinger "Nice pee valve."

"Thanks" said Tom, which was all he could think to say to that. "I like your suit too." With his closer arm, he touched Kyle's drysuit until he had his hand over Kyle's bulge.

"Yeah, I could tell." said Kyle "You want to give me some relief too?" as he took he hand away from Tom to pull the drysuit's black zipper down to the bottom of the crotch.

"For sure!" exclaimed Tom. "Ever since I saw you."

The opening in the zipper just revealed Kyle's blue jumpsuit, but fortunately, the jumpsuit also had a relief zipper, which Kyle unzipped. Now Kyle's erect penis was sticking out of the drysuit. "You want this?" asked Kyle.

"Yes sir" barked Tom.

"Good boy" praised Kyle.

Tom held Kyle's dick in one hand and felt Kyle's suited rear end with the other. He gave Kyle's penis a few quick licks and said "Let's make things interesting."

Tom gave Kyle's dick some tugs, then slowly ran his rubbery hand over Kyle's dick. "Oh that feels so nice." said Kyle softly.

Kyle reached for Tom's dick and squeezed. "Oh, this isn't a pee valve?"

"It's ... a form-fitting suit." said Tom.

"Whatever it is, it's lovely," said Kyle.

Kyle gave Tom's dick a gentle like. "Ahhh yes" exhaled Tom as Tom got harder.

"Still sensitive." said Kyle "Amazing."

Kyle took Tom's dick in his hand and they were both stroking each other's dicks. Tom stood up. He embraced Kyle, tightly holding their two rubbery bodies against each other. They lost their footing a bit on the slippery floor, but they were both pretty agile so they fell on the floor without any injury. The water had mostly receded so they were splashing around maybe an inch of water. They both were on their backs. They laughed and turned to each other. They had landed facing opposite directions so they were close to where they could suck each other's dicks at the same time. They moved into the position. Kyle sucking Tom's rubbery dick and Tom sucking Kyle's.

Kyle stopped for a second "I want you inside me"

Tom was even more excited "Oh yes."

Kyle got on all fours. The zipper in his drysuit was long enough to provide access to his asshole, but the jumpsuit underneath didn't have access.

"Just rip it" said Kyle.

Tom grabbed the fabric jumpsuit with both hands and ripped a new hole. He moved into position...

The radio crackled to life. "Tom, are you still there?"

"Sorry, I gotta take this." apologized Tom.

"Of course." said Kyle.

Tom got up, composed himself, and pressed the Talk button on the radio. "Tom here."

"I need to talk to you in private. Is that doable?" ask Sgt. Sweet over the radio.

Tom looked over to Kyle. Kyle said "Yeah, for sure, understandable." and Kyle started walking toward the door.

Tom pressed the Talk button, and said "Yes, just a second."

Kyle opened the exit door, turned back, and said "I really did like you."

Tom was puzzled, "What does that mea--" "Clang!" and the door closed.

Tom pressed the Talk button "We can talk in private now."

"Good. I have to explain some things to clear up any confusion before anyone else arrives."

"Go ahead." Tom said.

"This was all a test. We had to see how you would respond to a real situation. This base, some science gets done here, but it's mostly rented out for various groups to do emergency drills. We just squeezed you in before it closed for the year for maintenance."

Tom didn't like where this was going. "But the flooding of the control room?"

"Oh, that's the scenario they picked out for you. The base is designed to withstand flooding a lot worse than what you saw. There's at least two layers between anything you could mess with and anything actually important."

"There was a guy here though."

"Oh, if you saw anyone, he's an actor. A stunt diver, so he knows how to handle a real emergency if anything were to happen. Don't worry, he's under an NDA."

Tom started feeling sick to his stomach.

"But you gave me a gun; I could've shot him."

"It's a fake. Look inside."

Tom looked at his gun. It was a prop. On closer inspection, not even the bullets looked real. "But but but, the distress call."

"There was no distress call. A duress code on a civilian lab. That's the most unbelievable part. They just call me on my phone when they're ready."

Tom felt weak in the knees.

"When the technicians arrive, they already know it's a scenario. They set it up after all. They'll pack everything away for the season, and we're all going back to the hotel. This was your final exam for the season. I'm feeling confident you passed. Just volunteering to go down counts a lot toward your mark."

Tom felt he knew where this was going. "How else do they determine my mark?"

"There's about 16 hidden cameras around the base. The technicians will download the recordings, and the logs from the station's instruments, and you'll be evaluated on that."

Tom started feeling dizzy.

"The technicians will look at the video!?"

"No, they're not authorized to look at the video. Me and my superiors will look at the video back at the hotel."

The dizziness caught up to him, and Tom passed out.
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

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I didn't expect a sequel, but wow, that was thrilling! Can't wait for the next part.
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

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Can't wait to see how Tom's evaluation goes!!
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