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Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:05 am
by slinkysquirrel
Twenty-two year-old Tom was in his basement apartment, on his computer playing Modern Seal Team Strike. It's the most detailed underwater combat and stealth game on the market. Tom's been playing pretty much nonstop for months. He dropped out of high school, and does just enough odd jobs to afford his basement suite in the middle of nowhere. So he just has pretty much given up and plays games all the time.

Another factor in his choice of game; he has a thing for scuba divers specifically. The first time he came, it was in a wetsuit at summer camp. Noone else caught on as to what he had done in the suit.

He's never actually been able to afford a wetsuit of his own, just admires the divers. A few years after the summer camp incident, his parents disowned him for being gay.

Tom was leaving his suite, making his usual grocery run after a day of playing his computer game, when everything changed.

There was a military truck parked outside the house where he had his basement suite.

"Are you Thomas?" the military man asked as he got out of the truck.

Tom stopped in his tracks. "Yes." and then he thought maybe that was a mistake and just said quietly "hope i'm not in trouble."

"I'm Commander Smith, and I'm here with an opportunity. You play Modern Seal Team Strike. Did you know that you have the highest ranking in the US for your age range? You see, our special projects division actually developed that game and seeded it in the market. Its real purpose is to find exceptional people."

Tom was so dumbfounded that he let Commander Smith say the whole thing without interrupting.

"But, but I'm not a military person. I've never fired a real gun." Tom finally said.

"It's ok, you'd be a special project. Reconnaissance mainly. We'll train you to fill in the gaps. The knowledge of procedures and targets you already know takes most people years of training and most of them still don't recall them that fast." said Commander Smith.

"I don't know what to say." said Tom eventually.

"Here's the offer letter, my phone number is on it for any more questions."

"Umm, ok, bye" said Tom.


Tom eventually called Commander Smith to work out the details. Commander Smith offered to meet him at a hotel in the big city and put him up there for a while.


Commander Smith met Tom at the lobby of the hotel.

"Tom, this is Mr Dreidger. He'll take you to your room, and introduce you to the Special Project." said Commander Smith.

"This way to your room." said Mr. Dreidger.

"You're not actual military, are you?" asked Tom while he walked.

"You're correct, I am a civilian contractor."

The two passed an intersection in the hallway.

"Was that a hockey goalie in full gear down the hall back there? What kind of hotel is this?" asked Tom.

"Part of this hotel is real, part is a front for secret research." replied Mr. Dreidger as he swiped the door key.

The hotel room was in two parts, a living room and a bedroom. Tom only could see the living room. The table of the living room was covered in organized papers.

"You won't have a military rank, you'll be classified as a contractor. We'll start with signing the standard documents, then move on to the Special Project." said Mr Dreidger.


"Ok, time to move onto the the Special Project papers." said Mr. Dreidger.

"Just a second, I've got to use the bathroom." said Tom urgently.

"Bathroom is off the bedroom." said Mr. Dreidger.

Tom opened the door to the bedroom, started to walk toward the bathroom, and saw it.

There was a wetsuit on the bed, face-up. It looked like an Orca suit but there was no brand name. "Could almost be from the same batch of neoprene." thought Tom. Fully attached to the back of the wetsuit, mostly obscured, was a thin backpack.

The wetsuit had attached booties and gloves. They also looked like neoprene.

The wetsuit also had an attached hood, also made of the same neoprene. Goggles were attached to the hood, but they weren't just plastic, they were some kind of screen, with electronics.

And finally, there was a mask which would cover the nose and mouth, attached with hoses to the backpack.

Tom went into the bathroom before he got caught ogling the suit. He had such a big boner that he couldn't control and sprayed the seat and wall with pee. He knew he had to wear that suit. Also that he had to play it cool and hide his boner.

Tom walked back into the living room.

Mr Dreidger held up another stack of papers "Here's the Special Project contract. It's experimental tech from one of our commercial partners. Here's where the suit is described. Here's where the bio-nanotech is described. Here's where the cellular scaffolding is described. The effects may be permane-"

Tom thought to himself: "I don't care about the bananatech. Wanna wear the suit. Wanna wear the suit. Don't show my boner."

"Yep yep yep. I agree," said Tom, "where do I sign?"

After the papers were signed, Mr Dreidger collected them and dialed on the hotel phone. "Papers are signed, send the technicians." Mr Dreidger said.

Mr Dreidger left with the papers and before long two burly men in nurse scrubs entered the hotel room with a rolling cart of supplies.

"You the subject?" said the taller one.

"Yes." replied Tom.

The shorter one picked up a stack of papers that could be described as a manual. "Ok, that's done. That's done. 'Subject must be naked.' Ok, subject, you can see what it says too."

Tom took off his clothes, reluctant about showing his boner but did it anyway.

"I think he likes me." joked the taller one.

"Quit goofing around." scolded the shorter one.

"Fine 'Subject must be shaved.'" said the taller one, focusing on the manual.

"What part?" asked the shorter one.

The taller one looked at the manual. "There's a bunch more detail but all of it. Doesn't have to be perfect, the rubber just has to make a connection with skin."

They got out surgical clippers from their supply cart, and put on surgical gloves.

"Hold still while we shave you." said the shorter one.

They shaved everything. Head hair, eyebrows, mustache, back hair, armpit hair, belly hair, leg hair, everything.

"Hey he does like me, look at it. Sproing!" joked the taller one again.

"Just do your job and shave his nutsack hair." sighed the shorter one.

They shaved everything.

The two then looked at the manual for a few minutes. "Uh huh" "Hm" "Ohhh kay"

Then they turn to Tom "Ok, this is how it works. There's the pack on the back of the suit, so there's no zipper there. Instead, the neck hole is super stretchy, but for that to work, we're going to lube you up."

"Interesting" was though only thing Tom could think of to say.

The short one grabbed a bottle of medical-grade lube from the cart "Get a towel" he said to the tall one.

"Now Tom, stand on the towel," said the tall one.

They lubed Tom up, top to bottom. The tall one didn't say anything this time, but gave Tom's penis a few extra rubs.

"I'll grab the suit and stretch out the neck hole," said the short one, "You guide him in."

Tom looked at the inside of the suit before stepping in. It was black, but there were also tiny silver wires, almost too small to see. "Heater? Electronics?" thought Tom, "But no point asking now." he said to himself.

Tom's legs slid into the leg holes of the suit, then his erect lubed penis. Tom guided his feet into the wetsuit booties. Tom held his arms at his side as they found their armholes and the suit slid over his torso.

Tom raised his arms over his head as his fingers found the fingerholes in the gloves and everything slid into place.

"One more thing" said the tall one, "Got to flip the hood over the top of the head, along with the visor over your eyes. Might want to be aware, close your eyes or something." He then flipped the hood over the top of Tom's head and the visor over Tom's eyes. The visor didn't seem to be doing anything, and just let the light through, a few shades darker.

"Next section" read the short one from the manual, "'putting subject in preparation tank' 'to ensure even bonding without pressure sores, put subject in neutrally buoyant water tank'"

"Ok, we gotta go to the water tank room." said the tall one.

"I know where that is." said the short one. And he lead the group through the hotel. The suit was stretchy and well fitting enough that Tom didn't have trouble walking.

The water tank was a clear tall tube, narrow enough for just one person. There was a ladder to the top of the tube. The tube had a control panel at the base. Tom could see that one was for temperature.

The tall one read from the manual: "'Place breathing mask over nose and mouth.'" Tom did that. There was a rubber bulb inside the mask that fit inside Tom's mouth. "'Clamp mouth around security bulb. Bulb will inflate to hold breathing mask in place even if subject loses consciousness or mask is disturbed. Security bulb will inflate to maximum size on first use; afterward, will autoadjust to balanced size. Subject will not be able to talk once bulb inflates.' Did that happen for you? The inflating thing?" The tall one looked at Tom's surprised eyes and puffed-out cheeks and realized he did not need to have asked.

"Next," read the short one, "attach desired cables to the designated ports of the backpack. And it goes on about the specific ones."

"This one is air. Your system automatically decides whether to provide air from the outside or use your rebreather." The tall one held up a long hose connected to a machine next to the tank and plugged it into a valve on top of the backpack.

"This one is power. It charges the batteries your systems use." The tall one plugged one end of a long cord into an outlet in the wall and the other into a port in the top of the backpack.

"This one is for data. Monitoring your vitals, that kind of thing." The tall one plugged one end of a long data cable into the control panel and the other into another port in the top of the backpack.

The short one took the manual from the tall one "'Subject enters tube.' Alright subject, get in."

Tom couldn't reply even if he wanted to. He quickly climbed the ladder and slid into the tube feetfirst. His face was underwater, but the mask was providing his air. His arms were at his side; the tube was too small to do anything else with them really. There was also no ladder on the inside of the tube. Tom realized that with this combination, that he wouldn't be able to exit the tube without help. But he had the air supply, so he decided not to worry.

"Alright, set it to monitor vitals, turn on the timer, annnd it's break time." said the tall one.

"Well, this was not how I expected my day to go," mused Tom. "but I did get to wear this wetsuit." as he ran his hands over his neoprene-covered buttocks. He couldn't fully feel the smoothness of the neoprene because of the gloves, but it was enough for him.

"Oh there goes the full-on boner again." Tom thought to himself.

Tom had an interesting night. On one hand he wasn't used to wearing the suit or sleeping vertically. On the other, the water was being kept at the perfect temperature, and the water gently rocked Tom.

Tom fell asleep.


Tom woke up to Mr Dreidger and the two male nurses knocking on the tube.

"Pull him out." Said Mr. Dreidger.

The nurses brought an extra ladder beside the tank. The tall one pulled Tom out of the tank until Tom could get himself the rest of the way.

"How do you feel?" asked Mr. Dreidger.

Tom pointed to his mask.

The short one read from the manual "'To remove mask break the seal at the top with two fingers while clamping down with mouth.'" and Tom did that.

"Wow, that was something to get used to, but eventually really relaxing" said Tom.

"Why does my crotch feel weird?" Tom thought to himself.

Tom looked at his crotch and saw ...

(continued in part 2)

Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:55 am
by surfydude
Wow! What a great read! Bring on part 2.

Here's what I think might happen next:

Tom finds his parts tightly encased in a neoprene sheath integrated into the suit, with a cable leading to the backpack. The nurses tell him his missions may last a long time, so they equipped him with a waste disposal unit so he can relieve himself inside the suit. But they also read in the manual that the sheath has other functions and proceed to test them. One of those functions includes a joystick that controls the jet thrusters in the backpack.

Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:10 pm
by Dutchie
Interesting start of the story! I'll look forward to part 2.

Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:48 am
by dromorelad
Ohhh this is so cool!!!! Can’t wait for part 2

Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:02 am
by wetsuitlad
Yes also, can't wait for part 2!! :)

Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:18 am
by TheOzardOfWiz
*grabs an ass ton of tissue paper to help stop pervy nose bleed* Someone might need to call an ambulance soon xD